Connect Explore Practice Do

Day of Workshops for MS students

In early February, students had their second Connect Explore Practice Do workshop day. This full-day special schedule allowed for critical conference planning for our teachers and gave our students the opportunity to engage in co-curricular activities focused on:

  1. Skill development;
  2. Chances to try something new;
  3. Time to socialize with their peers and different members of our community.

Offerings included:

Healthy Coping with Will Slotnick
Will Slotnick, founder and director of Wellness Collaborative, facilitated a talk about drug and alcohol education. Students learned how to manage stress and stay drug-free. This workshop was required for 6th and 7th graders.

Digital Media and Your Brain
Students engaged in a wellness conversation about finding the balance in their digital lives. This workshop was required for 8th graders.

Sphere of Influence
Students looked at the communities they belong to and how to utilize their influence in the spaces to effect positive change. This workshop was required for all grades.

The Learning Brain
Students explored neuroscience to understand how the brain actually learns, and therefore how we learn!

Strategy Games
This workshop was for students interested in playing board games and understanding strategies that could help them win. They learned to make smarter decisions and how game designers think.

Board Games
For students who wanted to take their newly-learned strategy skills to the test—and for anyone who just wanted to play board games—this workshop featured a variety of online games for students to enjoy.

We shared ways to de-stress during a pandemic by practicing self-care and mindfulness techniques.

Escape Room
Players worked cooperatively to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in each “room” in order to progress to the next trying to “escape” in a limited amount of time

Tik Tok
Nope! Not the social media app. Instead, we gave students time management tips and strategies, and methods to organize their materials and time to work more effectively.

Students did self-portraits of all kinds, learned some new ways to represent themselves, and took some time to be creative.

Algorithmic Art
Students learned about how you can use simple patterns to make complicated art and music. They did some coding and looked at professional artists for inspiration.

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