Senior Experience: 21-day challenge

21 day challenge

For Senior Experience—i.e., the last three weeks of the Senior Spring term—students work on passion projects, attend internships, create art, and much more. We’ll be documenting their various experiences right here on the blog as well as on our Instagram.  

Student name
Isabella Brooke

How would you summarize your project in one sentence?
With online school ending, camps closing, and people being stuck at home, it is so important for everyone to stay connected; this 21 Day Challenge will hopefully get everyone in the Beaver community in a habit of self-care and helping others as a connected unit!

What is the 21 Day Challenge? 
It takes 21 days to form a habit. This 21 Day Challenge will hopefully help everyone in the Beaver community to form a habit of taking care of themselves and their community. Each day, for 21 days, there will be a new challenge for people to complete. The challenges range from going on a hike to virtually volunteering for a food pantry! Everyone is welcome to participate in all the challenges, or only a few.

What’s your personal story or the motivation to work on this, and how does it connect to your Beaver experience?
Leaving Beaver is so hard for me and I want to do one last thing to do some good in the community. I think this is an easy way for so many students, faculty, and alumni to really think about getting in a habit of taking care of themselves and those around them during a very hectic period.

Where can we find your work?
It will be posted on the Beaver Instagram, starting on June 24!

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