BVR Senior Experience: BU Epiic Solutions + student-run start-up Table To Farm

TabletoFarm: BU Epiic Solutions

For Senior Experience—i.e., the last three weeks of the Senior Spring term—students work on passion projects, attend internships, create art, and much more. We’ll be documenting their various experiences right here on the blog as well as on our Instagram.  

Student names
Jules Holland, Sallie Chope, and Azaria Molina

How would you summarize your project in one sentence?
We are working with BU Epiic Solutions on developing an entrepreneurship start-up company called Table To Farm.

What’s your personal story or the motivation to work on this, and how does it connect to your Beaver experience?
We have always been interested in the environment and being mindful of our contribution to climate change. So, during our entrepreneurship class in the fall, we created this company to reduce the amount of food waste from restaurants that end up in landfills. Our service consists of daily pickups from restaurants and then delivering that food waste to a nearby farm for composting.

Where can we find your work?
View our pitch.

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