2019-20 Aaron Hoffman ’93 Memorial Softball Game

On September 5, the Class of 2020 faced off against Beaver Faculty in the 21st Annual Aaron Hoffman Memorial Softball Game! This game is one of the school’s most beloved and enjoyable traditions. We gathered to celebrate the beginning of the school year and to remember and honor one of our fellow Beavers — alumnus Aaron Hoffman, class of ‘93, who passed away from cancer in 1994. Aaron is remembered for his love of sports, his intellectual curiosity, his warmth, and his sense of humor.

To kick off this year’s game, Nancy Caruso, Associate Head of School honored one of the Game’s biggest stars …

As we all know, Boston has been home to some of the world’s finest athletes, including Tom Brady, Larry Bird, and Bobby Orr. All of these sports giants have been celebrated for their contributions to their respective sports and tonight we have the opportunity to celebrate our very own pitcher, Peter Hutton.

In addition to his pitching prowess, Mr. Hutton has been the glue that holds the faculty team together year after year in his relentless pursuit of victory over the senior class. We have all been lucky to be a part of this team, and today we cement his place in Beaver’s Hoffman Game history with these special edition commemorative softball cards. Each player will get one for their collection. Peter, while you are moments away from pitching your final Hoffman Game, will you do us the honor of signing a card for Beaver’s archives? We will have some sharpies for signing at the BBQ following this game, and we will also ask everyone here to sign this softball, which can live in your own archives as a symbol of your leadership of this team, Peter.

Alrighty, and with that, let’s play ball! Seniors, you’re up to bat first!

Thank you to everyone who joined us and CONGRATULATIONS to faculty for another victory! View more game photos on the Beaver SmugMug.

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