Middle School Feed Your Brain Conference recap and highlights

Feed Your Brain Conference

Students participated in a series of workshops during our Feed Your Brain Conference on October 14. This day allowed Middle School teachers to prepare for conferences while students had enriching learning experiences led by BVR administrators and staff. At Tuesday’s Middle School Meeting, students share their favorite parts from the sessions they attended:

Xavier Sanchez ’26 and Ryan Leif ’26 spoke about Wellness class run by Will Slotnik. They learned about drug addiction and making good decisions.

Connor Hurley ’26 talked about RISE led by Ms. Graham. They learned breathing techniques and made lavender play-dough.

Natalie Lippman ’28 and Reid Bugbee ’28 spoke about the Escape Room led by Coach Kuntz and Sullivan. They said it was fun and collaborative!

Christoper Anderson ’26 and Dany Sidman ’26 spoke about Ball Games (this session was their idea!)

Devin White ’27 and Andrew Adamic ’27 talked about Ms. Smith’s The Learning Brain session. They learned about neural pathways.

Gigi Peselman ’26 spoke about Ms. Flannery’s The Boss of your Brain session. She learned about the frontal lobe, working memory, and time management.

Margo Kuznetsova ’27 spoke about Mr. Christy and Ms. Latour’s Identity Project where she explored her diversity and the diversity of other people.

Gisele Figueroa ’27 spoke about Mr. Christy and Ms. Latour’s Stress Shield session. She spoke about good and bad stress and how to reduce stress.

Suri Valkin ’27 spoke about Ms. Hollos’ cooking session—crepes! Strawberries! Whipped cream! (session pictured above).

Theo Greene ’27 spoke about UV resin casting in CREATE led by members of the R+D team.

Bradley Stone ’27 spoke about origami in CREATE led by members of the R+D team.

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