On Friday, November 25th over 80 alumni and friends gathered at Forum in Boston to reconnect at our annual Post-Thanksgiving event. This record-breaking attendance can be attributed to our amazing host committee:

Gena Comenzo ’90
Courtney Connors ’06
Rebecca Finkelstein ’01
Mariana Fissler ’06
Robert Kotzen ’05
Bo Levin ’94
Matt Millstein ’96
Kendra Mitchell ’00

Julia Nosov-Hoverman ’00
Nelson Rutrick ’05
Lindsay Sommer ’02
Matthew Sternberg ’03
Jonathan Tee ’01
Rebecca Dunne Waterfall ’90
George Williams ’06

Take a moment and browse pictures from the event below. For more photos, visit our SmugMug gallery.

We hope to see you at a Beaver Alumni event soon!