The Hiatt Summer Fellowship is great for students who want to increase their work ethic and get more involved in their community. Working with the kids at America Scores reminded me of when I was little and had mentors I looked up to. Now I am that guy. – Ronan McCarthy ’20

Student leadership skills and classroom learning are strengthened through civic engagement – whether through community partnerships, collective action initiatives, or socially-minded projects in the classroom.

Understanding political systems and how to make change is central to the curriculum and inspires students to rethink their place in the world. We encourage students to utilize their sphere of influence by using their strengths and interests to make change.

Our relationships with community partners are essential to this understanding and growth where students learn to empower others.

Beaver’s strategic partnerships are:

  • Mutually beneficial
  • Long-term
  • Connected to the curriculum
  • Multi-faceted.

We aim for quality, not quantity.


Through the Hiatt Fellowship Program, students volunteer their time to our nonprofit community partners over the summer while receiving financial support from the Hiatt Center. The goal is to move from simply serving the community to having a meaningful, lasting impact.

Examples of Hiatt community partners include:

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
  • Horizons of Dedham
  • America Scores
  • Roslindale Community Center
  • Natick Organic Community Farm
  • The Food Project
  • Tenacity

Students reflect on their experience in the BVR Summer Fellowship Tumblr.

The Hiatt Independent Afternoon Opportunity allows students to continue their work with community partners during the school year for course credit. Students can also research and establish new opportunities in their own communities.

Past examples include coaching soccer with America Scores, assisting with Pre-K childcare at Pine Manor College, and providing one-on-one support at the Charles River Center.

  • Rebecca Barnes ’18 describes her journey from service to impact as a volunteer. Read more here.


Domestic and international travel gives our students the opportunity to practice skills learned in the classroom related to curriculum and cultural elements outside of the classroom.

Global competencies for our students are critical.

Teachers intentionally establish curriculum connections with trips. During the trip, the learning continues with specific activities to immerse students in the areas outlined by the curriculum. Post-trip reflection is critical to enable students to grapple with their experiences and determine the relevant links to their continued learning at – and beyond – Beaver.

Past trips include:

  • The Cuban Jazz Ensembles and Spanish classes trip to Cuba. Read more here.
  • NuVu Studio trip to Monterrey, Mexico

I was able to volunteer, because I received financial support from the Hiatt Center Summer Fellowship program. Eventually, I became the most consistent volunteer by working in the offseason, during vacations, and other weekends. This work taught me to be a leader in a different type of setting and to be a leader to people in a wide age-range. – Tim Sebastian ’16