Over the course of the school year, students will have the opportunity to opt-in to a series of workshops by the Hiatt Center that will be offered once a month on Mondays (from 8-9 am).  Through these workshops, students will experience personal skill development and a deeper understanding of leadership, civic engagement, and social justice issues. Individuals may attend a single workshop that interests them or attend the entire series. Participation in 6 or more workshops will award students with a Hiatt Leadership Institute certificate of completion awarded at a Middle School Meeting in June. Students will be notified of upcoming workshops in weekly Middle School Meetings. They will receive an email from the Hiatt Center with a registration link to sign up for the workshop.

Workshop #1: Your Leadership Compass

An activity-based introduction to your unique leadership style + how to use these skills to collaborate on a team
September 23, 2019, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #2: The Science of your Character

Set personal goals—using the growth mindset—to highlight character strengths + uncover areas for growth
October 21, 2019, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #3: Effective Communication

Identify your communication style to build stronger connections; practice listening + speaking skills
November 18, 2019, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #4: Current Events + Social Justice

Gain an understanding of social justice terms + topics in the news in order to promote awareness
December 16, 2019, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #5: Social Justice Retreat

An in-depth full-day social justice retreat for Middle School students, to learn about becoming an advocate for justice by developing powerful skills and tools to address microaggressions and discrimination
January 24, 2020 8 a.m.–2 p.m.

Workshop #6: Connecting with your Community

Uncover your skills + assets, and explore how to connect them to the community-identified needs
February 10, 2020, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #7: Present Yo-self

Visually communicate your message through social media, presentations, and more
March 2, 2020, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #8: Protecting the Environment

Understand your ecological footprint and make wise choices for our environment
April 13, 2020, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #9: Building Professional Skill

Develop skills + habits to interact with community mentors + managers; required for Hiatt Summer Fellows
May 19, 2020, 11:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Dates and times are subject to change

Questions? Email The Hiatt Center.

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