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Peter Hutton has served as Head of Beaver Country Day School for 28 years, seeing the school through some incredible changes, challenges, and evolutions – all while staying true to his core belief that school is for kids, and making Beaver the best experience possible for them. On this page, we’ll celebrate his leadership, his mindset, and his impact on Beaver and its students.

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The Hutton Family
Hutton with his wife, Cissy, and daughters, Bridgit, Hannah, and Colleen—all Beaver alumni—in the 1992 announcement about his position as Head of School.

In a three-part mini-series, Beaver senior Margot Amouyal interviews the Hutton family (and a few surprise guests!).

Part 1: Cissy Hutton—Mr.Hutton’s wife

Part 2: Bridgit, Hannah, and Colleen—Mr. Hutton’s daughters and BVR alumni

COMING SOON, Part 3: In the finale, you’ll hear the final word from Mr. Hutton himself.


Journalist and alumnus Jonathan Soroff (Class of 1983) recently sat down with Mr. Hutton for a Q&A about his leadership, the challenges he faced, and his takeaways from nearly three decades on Hammond Street.

“I never in a million years would have believed I could end up in a place like this.”

— Peter Hutton, Head of School

Check out the full Q&A to read Mr. Hutton’s take—in his own words—on the last 28 years.