The goal of college counseling at Beaver is to help each student grow through a highly personalized process and to find the right match for each student. Our college counselors come to know students and families very well and work hard to help students explore and apply to appropriate and exciting groups of schools that will meet their needs and fire their interests. Students are assigned college counselors in the winter of junior year.

Our Approach
The Beaver curriculum is college preparatory, and all Beaver graduates go on to attend four-year colleges. At Beaver, college counseling is all about “the match.” Our highly experienced counselors keep students focused on identifying colleges that will challenge them, feed their intellectual passions, and prepare them to meet their future goals. The success of this approach is reflected in the fact that Beaver students are accepted by, and matriculate to, a broad range of selective colleges and universities across the U.S. and abroad. Download our School Profile and Matriculation List below.

A Four-Year Process
The college planning process begins in ninth grade, as students and parents meet with advisors to chart appropriate programs of study. Practice and preparation for standardized testing begins in tenth grade. The college counseling program formally begins in the eleventh-grade year, when the process of searching for and applying to colleges is introduced at an evening event for students and families.

The counseling process continues from the spring of eleventh grade into the twelfth-grade year, with programs that range from practice interviews and information on preparing for standardized testing, to essay-writing and financial aid workshops, to visits to Beaver by admissions officers representing dozens of colleges. With three college counselors for approximately seventy-five seniors, Beaver families benefit during this process; families and students meet individually with college advisors as often as needed to address a broad range of considerations – from application requirements, to financial planning, to refining their college