(updated April 12, 2021 )

As of April 12, we are excited to announce we are moving to five days on campus for all students.

This week’s schedule:

How we’re doing this

  • Based on the latest CDC guidelines, we have made accommodations to ensure all students can be on campus at a 3-foot distance from each other; adults will remain at a 6-foot distance from students and one another. When possible, we will use a 6-foot distance rather than a 3-foot distance.
  • The class schedule will remain the same through the end of the school year.
  • We will continue to adhere to the Big 3—social distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks (and double masks, if possible).
  • In regards to masks, the experts agree that the number one thing is a good-fitting, 2 or 3 layer mask that covers your mouth, nose, chin, and cheeks. Double masking (wearing two masks), does offer an extra layer of protection; surgical masks are also better than cloth masks. Students should have additional masks in a sealed plastic bag handy in case the first one becomes soiled during the school day. We will have available face masks for students who need them.
  • Students who need to stay home because they are not well or have symptoms will have the option to join remotely.

We’ve updated our FAQs to include answers to some of the common questions.

Reminder: Remain vigilant, avoid unnecessary social gatherings, and adhere to the “Big 3”


Expectations for Students & Families

Read through the expectations we have for all our students and families—on campus, online, and at home. These expectations are designed to help reduce risk in the community.

Contact Info

Jimmy Manyuru
Title: Upper School Director of Student Life and Equity
Contact: jmanyuru@bcdschool.org
Jimmy Manyuru
Talia Ossowski
Title: School Nurse
Contact: tossowski@bcdschool.org
Phone: 617-738-2739
Talia Ossowski