English 11: Rhetoric

The View Within
Carlos Fuentes once commented that writing is a “struggle against silence,” while Anais Nin believed people write “to taste life twice.” There is no question that writing is a fundamental human act, but why do people write? What are the various motives that compel people to put pen to paper? How does a writer’s purpose influence the content and style of her writing? These are some of the questions that guide students’ exploration of the writing process throughout this course. Students are encouraged to experiment with language and incorporate rhetorical devices, in the hopes that they find a voice that resonates with them authentically.

This course focuses on the power of perspective. We will explore and cultivate our own voices through creative non-fiction, non-linear storytelling, and poetry. Rhetoric is the art of persuasion, a craft that will bring us to conversations about politics, culture, business entrepreneurship, advertising and marketing. In this, we will both develop a lens through which we read expert texts while also writing our own way into knowing.

For the second term of English, students can choose any English elective.