Joseph Christy

I received a B.S. from the University of Maryland and earned an M.S. from Johns Hopkins University while teaching at St Paul’s School. In 2004, I arrived at Beaver with ten years of experience at several independent schools. Throughout my career, an essential aspect of my pedagogical philosophy involved supporting students of color. My own experiences as a private school student, participating in professional workshops and conferences, conversing with colleagues and experts in relevant fields, and reading compelling materials (books, articles, and journals) have informed my work in this area.

As Director of Student Engagement and Inclusion, I am part of the Student Services Team. In this capacity, I coordinate and monitor our strategies and systems for supporting students with an emphasis on underrepresented populations. Responsibilities include working with administrators, faculty, and parents to foster meaningful interactions within the student body and amongst students, teachers, and staff. For students, this entails affirming identity, building community, and cultivating leadership skills. Work with faculty and staff involves exploring concepts such as implicit biases and stereotype threat, consulting with professionals in education and the social and behavioral sciences, and gathering and analyzing data to inform our practice.