Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Internship

The internship at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital is a 6-8 week summer program in which girls in their junior year get the opportunity to work with Dr. Henry Feldman, Class of ’85, Parent of Rachel ’15. During this time, students will be exposed to all facets and specialties of a career in medicine, including obstetrics, surgery, critical care, emergency room, and veterinary medicine as well. In addition, students will spend one day a week in “mini med school” learning about anatomy and physiology.


Picture Retake Day 001Kate Ablon – “So what do I want to do as my career? I want to help people who struggle to understand what is happening to them. I want to improve people’s lives and help them find happiness. This is why I want to become a doctor. In which field? I am not sure yet, but I know that I want to be a part of the same line of work to which I credit my happiness. I believe that this internship will allow me to discover, more specifically, which field of medicine I want to pursue.”


Picture Retake Day 069Maddie Brucker – “I want to prove to everyone that I can reach my goals and that I can be a doctor in the future. Through this program I hope that I can learn everything I can. I want to take full advantage of this opportunity and see everything there is to see in every way possible. I want to feel the whole spectrum that doctors go through. I think that this ranges from the stress of a doctor under pressure trying to help a newly admitted ER patient to the happiness and relief that is felt when you tell a family that their child is cured and can finally go home. I hope to take all of my experiences and put them to work throughout college. My goal is to be able to use what I learned to the next level and only get better.”

Picture Retake Day 228Amani Hayes-Messinger – “I am interested in working in this environment in order to learn about various applications of medicine, and how the sciences I have learned in school may relate. If chosen for this program, I would bring an openness to learning anything and everything it has to offer. Although my interest in medicine stemmed from a curiosity of orthopedics, when Dr. Feldman and the three seniors who did the internship last year came to talk to us, I realized I was curious about all of their stories. I think getting to intern in various different parts of the hospital that practice different types of medicine is what interests me most. I hope to learn a little bit about everything, and hopefully find a few things that interest me further.”

Picture Retake Day 474 Ani Soultanian – “Helping people by performing a procedure, whether it be a triple-bypass surgery, an organ transplant, or a removal of lesions, is my greatest aspiration. I find the constant movement, problem-solving and skilled nature of hospitals to contain excitement and thrill. The exceptional knowledge and caring nature of great surgeons is extremely admirable and I hope to be like them in the future. Thus, this amazing program would allow me to meet these fantastic people and strong patients, an environment I cannot experience by watching Grey’s Anatomy or Mystery ER. I want to be the person who helps enable a child to enter the world, a person to walk for the first time with prosthetic legs or someone to experience the world outside of a hospital with a new pancreas.”