Varsity Volleyball

Head Coach: Cintia Alessi   (email)

Assistant Coach: Shannon Glass-Smythe  

2017-2018 Schedule

Overall Record: 8 - 8 - 0

EIL Record: 4 - 6 - 0

Date Time Home / Away Vs. Location Score Win / Loss
09/15/2017 4:30 pm home Bancroft Gym A / Postponed TBD
09/19/2017 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 9/19/17 2:15 pm

Return Time: 9/19/17 7:30 pm

Though the girls started slow, Beaver came back strong and took the match to five sets. With the help of Jen Levin's serving and Zoe Carlson's hitting, Beaver got off to a quick lead in the 5th set, but ultimately fell 15-9. The girls went out swinging and fought to the end!

away Pingree Pingree School 2 - 3 Loss
09/23/2017 3:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 9/23/17 12:45 pm

Return Time: 9/23/17 5:30 pm

Beaver’s tough serving was a big factor in this game, but wasn’t enough to get past Groton.

away Groton School Groton School 1 - 3 Loss
09/25/2017 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 9/25/17 3:00 pm

Return Time: 9/25/17 6:00 pm

Beaver came together as a team to get their first win of the season. Seniors Katrina Rojas and Jen Levin had some great hits, and Zoe Carlson helped finish off the game with a long serving run.

away Gann Gann Academy 3 - 0 Win
10/02/2017 5:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/2/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/2/17 12:00 am

Beaver was unable to get the momentum on their side to beat Dana Hall at our home opener. Beaver looks to get back on track on Friday against Southfield.

home Dana Hall Gym A 0 - 3 Loss
10/06/2017 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/6/17 3:00 pm

Return Time: 10/6/17 6:15 pm

Beaver came away with a great win. Lina Huang finished off the first set with a big block. Beaver played together, and both served and passed well throughout the entire second set. Jen Levin got Beaver out to a fast lead in the first set with a long serving run.

away Southfield Southfield School 3 - 0 Win
10/11/2017 5:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/11/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/11/17 12:00 am

Beaver came out on top after a hard fought match against a strong opponent. Zoe Carlson had multiple kills, and Emma Li Frorer-Pinis played great defense.

home Pingree Gym A 3 - 2 Win
10/13/2017 3:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/13/17 2:30 pm

Return Time: 10/13/17 5:45 pm

Beaver nabbed their second win in a row on the road over Winsor, 3-2. Beaver
started strong, winning the first 2 sets, but Winsor forced a fifth set. Beaver was ultimately victorious, with stellar performances by seniors Jennifer Levin and Sophia Cohen, and great defense by Emma Li.

away Winsor Winsor School 3 - 2 Win
10/16/2017 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/16/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/16/17 12:00 am

Beaver continued their winning streak with a win at home against Bancroft. Middles, Joddy Nwankwo and Katrina Rojas, led the team in kills. Sophia Cohen had multiple serving runs to put Beaver ahead.

home Bancroft Gym A 3 - 0 Win
10/17/2017 5:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/17/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/17/17 12:00 am

home Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall Gym A 3 - 2 Win
10/18/2017 4:15 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/18/17 2:00 pm

Return Time: 10/18/17 6:30 pm

Early on, Bancroft found a 6-1 run, and though the points went back and forth, Bancroft maintained their lead through the entirety of the set, winning 25-17.
Beaver volleyball's service and defense dominated, but it was not enough to overcome Bancroft. The girls almost made a comeback in the fourth set, but could not secure the final two points. Senior setters Zoe Carson and Sophia Cohen delivered great sets and defenses through the whole match.

away Bancroft Bancroft School 1 - 3 Loss
10/20/2017 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/20/17 3:00 pm

Return Time: 10/20/17 6:15 pm

Beaver wasn’t able to capture the win against Newton, even after coming back to take the second set. Chris Preller played excellent defense, extending rallies and allowing Sophia Cohen to have multiple assists throughout the game.

away Newton Country Day NCD School 1 - 3 Loss
10/25/2017 3:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/25/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/25/17 12:00 am

Beaver started strong and stayed strong throughout all 3 sets. Though Winsor took the lead at the end of the third set, Beaver was able to stay consistent and come back and win 26-24.

home Winsor Gym A 3 - 0 Win
10/27/2017 5:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/27/17 2:45 pm

Return Time: 10/27/17 6:45 pm

Beaver played a great, high energy game to beat Chapel Hill for the second time this season. Senior Zoe Carlson had an excellent game, and Senior Joddy Nwankwo recorded multiple blocks to shut down Chapel Hill’s offense.

away Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall 3 - 1 Win
10/31/2017 4:15 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/31/17 3:00 pm

Return Time: 10/31/17 6:00 pm

Beaver came out swinging in the first set with good hits from Katrina Rojas and Malena Horne. Unfortunately, Beaver wasn’t able to come away with the win.

away Concord Academy Concord Academy 0 - 3 Loss
11/03/2017 4:45 pm More Info

Departure Time: 11/3/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 11/3/17 12:00 am

VVB ends the regular season with a winning record of 8-6. All 7 seniors saw action in the last regular season game. Despite the outcome, they continued to play together and had multiple great kills, digs and serving runs.

home Concord Academy Gym A 0 - 3 Loss
11/15/2017 3:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 11/15/17 12:45 pm

Return Time: 11/15/17 8:00 pm

away NEPSAC - v. MacDuffie MacDuffie 0 - 3 Loss
11/18/2017 away NEPSAC - TBD TBD / /
11/19/2017 away NEPSAC - TBD TBD / /