Varsity Volleyball

Head Coach: Cintia Alessi  

Assistant Coach: Savonnah Rowe  

2016-2017 Schedule

Overall Record: 4 - 10 - 0

EIL Record: 3 - 9 - 0

Date Time Home / Away Vs. Location Score Win / Loss
09/16/2016 5:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 9/16/16 2:45 pm

Return Time: 9/16/16 7:45 pm

Beaver varsity volleyball started the season by playing at Bancroft. Beaver started strong with a lead, winning the first set 25-23, but Bancroft rallied with three straight sets to win the match. Beaver will return to the court on Saturday, September 24th, with a home game against Pingree at 4pm.

away Bancroft Bancroft School 1 - 3 Loss
09/23/2016 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 9/23/16 2:30 pm

Return Time: 9/23/16 6:15 pm

Dana Hall pulled ahead early in the 1st set and took a 10-2 lead, but Beaver fought back, ultimately losing 25-12. Beaver worked to build a lead in the next two sets, but couldn't muster anything more than a two-point lead. The girls should be very proud of how well they have been playing and for all of their hard work. Next game is Monday, Sep 26, for their home match opener against Gann, at 5pm.

away Dana Hall Dana Hall School 0 - 3 Loss
09/24/2016 4:00 pm home Pingree Gym A / Canceled
09/26/2016 5:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 9/26/16 5:00 pm

Return Time: 9/26/16 5:00 pm

Beaver fought hard winning the first set 25-21, but the effort wasn't enough as Beaver fell short, 3-1.

home Gann Gym A 1 - 3 Loss
10/05/2016 5:15 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/5/16 3:00 pm

Return Time: 10/5/16 6:45 pm

The match started out even until Newton Country Day pulled ahead, 9-6, after two costly errors by Beaver. NCDS maintained its lead to win 25-10. NCD used their momentum from the end of the first set, winning the second set 25-15, and the third 25-05.

away Newton Country Day NCD School 0 - 3 Loss
10/07/2016 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/7/16 4:00 pm

Return Time: 10/7/16 6:00 pm

Beaver jumped out to an early 5-0 lead and kept on cruising to win the first set 25-14. Beaver's dominating performance was highlighted by a great service run in the 2nd set by Chris Preller. Beaver never looked back and closed out the 3rd set 25-03 for a sweep of Southfield.

home Southfield Gym A 3 - 0 Win
10/13/2016 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/13/16 2:45 pm

Return Time: 10/13/16 7:15 pm

The match started out even until Beaver pulled ahead 15-10 after two errors by Pingree.
Beaver maintained its lead until Pingree strung together three straight points to tie it at 18. However, Pingree took six of the last seven points to win the set 25-20.
Pingree used their momentum from the end of the previous set, winning the 2nd and 3rd set. Beaver will be back in action on 10/18 against Chapel Hill.

away Pingree Pingree School 0 - 3 Loss
10/18/2016 5:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/18/16 4:15 pm

Return Time: 10/18/16 7:00 pm

away Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall 3 - 1 Win
10/19/2016 5:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/19/16 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/19/16 12:00 am

Beaver built up a lead of 14-10, but Bancroft rallied to tie the match at 16 and win the first set 25-18. Starting out strong, Beaver took a 6-2 lead early in the second set, and extended their lead to 12-7 winning 26-24. Bancroft started strong in the 3rd set and used their momentum following a series of errors by Beaver to close the match 3-1.

home Bancroft Gym A 1 - 3 Loss
10/21/2016 5:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/21/16 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/21/16 12:00 am

Newton Country won the first eight points of the match, extending their lead to 10-3. Beaver made it 12-6, but Newton Country Day took the last seven points of the set to win 25-15. The 2nd set started out even, but the turning point was a service run by Newton Country, that gave them a 17-7 lead and forced a Beaver timeout. Beaver grabbed a few points back, but never threatened, as Newton Country cruised to a 25-14 victory in the 2nd set and 25- 16 in the 3rd set.

home Newton Country Day Gym A 0 - 3 Loss
10/24/2016 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/24/16 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/24/16 12:00 am

A string of early errors led to a 6-1 Pingree advantage. Pingree won the opening set and forced extra points in the second, but Beaver was unable to capitalize on the early lead as Pingree defeated Beaver 3-1.
Beaver returns home on Wednesday against Landmark at 4pm.

home Pingree Gym A 1 - 3 Loss
10/26/2016 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/26/16 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/26/16 12:00 am

home Landmark Gym A 3 - 0 Win
10/28/2016 5:15 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/28/16 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/28/16 12:00 am

home Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall Gym A 3 - 0 Win
11/04/2016 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 11/4/16 2:45 pm

Return Time: 11/4/16 6:00 pm

away Concord Academy Concord Academy 1 - 3 Loss
11/11/2016 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 11/11/16 12:00 am

Return Time: 11/11/16 12:00 am

home Concord Academy Gym A 2 - 3 Loss
11/12/2016 away EIL Tournament Pingree / /