JV Volleyball

Head Coach: Jenna Lipscomb   (email)

Assistant Coach: Karen Rathjens  

2017-2018 Schedule

Overall Record: 4 - 5 - 0

Date Time Home / Away Vs. Location Score Win / Loss
09/19/2017 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 9/19/17 2:15 pm

Return Time: 9/19/17 7:30 pm

Beaver fought hard against a strong Pingree offense. Clapp had several great serves and O'Keefe was stellar in the debut on the court. Glass recorded an ace for the first time and Rosenberg made a great block to stop the Pingree hitters.

away Pingree Pingree School 0 - 2 Loss
09/25/2017 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 9/25/17 3:00 pm

Return Time: 9/25/17 6:00 pm

It was a close match with Gann. Beaver took the first game while Gann took the second and prevailed in the 3rd. Rosenberg had 4 aces in the first set and played a stellar all around match. Hart, Livestone and Goldstein shined with several great serve receives.

away Gann Gann Academy 1 - 2 Loss
10/02/2017 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/2/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/2/17 12:00 am

home Dana Hall Gym A 0 - 2 Loss
10/06/2017 3:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/6/17 3:00 pm

Return Time: 10/6/17 6:15 pm

Hart and Cebula recorded several aces to lead the Beaver offense. Livestone and Newman helped in receiving many of the Southfield serves while Rosenberg was the rock of the team, playing in all 3 sets.

away Southfield Southfield School 2 - 1 Win
10/11/2017 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/11/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/11/17 12:00 am

Rosenberg and Glass had a stellar day on offense with several aces. Rome participated in a few great rallies and Hyatt held the Beaver defense together with stellar energy and communication.

home Pingree Gym A 2 - 1 Win
10/17/2017 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/17/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 10/17/17 12:00 am

Rome and Verdi recorded several successful serves over the net. The Beaver offense was lead by Clapp, Hyatt, Cebula and Bertsekas.

home Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall Gym A 2 - 1 Win
10/19/2017 4:15 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/19/17 3:00 pm

Return Time: 10/19/17 6:00 pm

away Somerville HS Somerville HS / Scrimmage
10/20/2017 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/20/17 3:00 pm

Return Time: 10/20/17 6:30 pm

O'Keefe recorded several stellar aces during the match. Hart and Glass and Sneddon, and Livestone held down the Beaver defense with great communication and intense rallies.

away Newton Country Day NCD School 1 - 2 Loss
10/27/2017 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 10/27/17 2:45 pm

Return Time: 10/27/17 6:45 pm

Bertsekas had an outstanding game, serving for the win in two sets. Rome had several great passes and the Beaver offense was lead by Hyatt, Clapp, Cebula and Bertsekas.

away Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall 2 - 1 Win
11/03/2017 3:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 11/3/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 11/3/17 12:00 am

Clapp served several stellar aces, while Cebula went all out on the court, playing fantastic defense. Hyatt, Glass and Newman all participated in great rallies throughout the game as well.

home Concord Academy Gym A 0 - 2 Loss