Girls JV Basketball

Head Coach: David Suarez   (email)

Assistant Coach: Danny DeLeon   (email)

2016-2017 Schedule

Overall Record: 3 - 7 - 0

EIL Record: 0 - 0 - 0

Date Time Home / Away Vs. Location Score Win / Loss
12/05/2016 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 12/5/16 2:30 pm

Return Time: 12/5/16 7:00 pm

Strong team effort with everyone contributing. The team hustled from start to finish. Strong defensive effort by Abigail Geffin who led the team with 13 rebounds.

away Bancroft Bancroft School 12 - 32 Loss
12/07/2016 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 12/7/16 2:45 pm

Return Time: 12/7/16 6:00 pm

Tough outing against a strong Thayer team. Strong team effort with multiple players recording points and rebounds.

away Thayer Thayer 23 - 38 Loss
12/09/2016 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 12/9/16 2:30 pm

Return Time: 12/9/16 2:30 pm

Great effort by the team against a very tough opponent.

away Pingree Pingree School 6 - 25 Loss
12/15/2016 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 12/15/16 3:45 pm

Return Time: 12/15/16 6:00 pm

Amazing effort by the team. Early injuries resulted in only 5 available players for 23 minutes of play. Everyone contributed and played hard to the last whistle.

away Newton Country Day NCD School 22 - 37 Loss
01/06/2017 5:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 1/6/17 2:45 pm

Return Time: 1/6/17 7:00 pm

away Lexington Christian Lexington Christian Academy / Canceled
01/11/2017 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 1/11/17 3:30 pm

Return Time: 1/11/17 6:30 pm

The girls got off to a quick start and took and early lead with a 3-point shot from Katrina Rojas. However, they finished the half trailing by 11. Beaver played hard and forced multiple turnovers in the second half, but were unable to close the first half deficit. Shy Williams lead the Beaver girls with an 8 point performance.

away Winsor Winsor School 21 - 34 Loss
01/18/2017 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 1/18/17 2:30 pm

Return Time: 1/18/17 7:15 pm

Total team effort with an excellent performance by Kat Rojas. Beaver ended the first half with the lead and never relinquished it. The girls finished the 2nd half on an 8-0 run to close out the game.

away Portsmouth Abbey Portsmouth Abbey School 27 - 13 Win
01/25/2017 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 1/25/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 1/25/17 12:00 am

Tough outing against a very strong opponent. Solid effort from every player.

home Dana Hall Gym B 13 - 37 Loss
02/01/2017 4:30 pm More Info

Departure Time: 2/1/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 2/1/17 12:00 am

After being in a quick 10-0 hole, the team fought back throughout the rest of the game. The girls pulled within 5 but ultimately fatigue set in and Pingree pulled away. Heads up play by Amanda Joy and Kat Rojas sparked a second half surge.

home Pingree Gym B 17 - 26 Loss
02/03/2017 3:30 pm home Southfield Gym B / Canceled
02/10/2017 4:00 pm More Info

Departure Time: 2/10/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 2/10/17 12:00 am

Strong outing by the entire team with great supporting help from Meggee Joseph and Nicole Kelly-Aglio. The girls defended a half time lead and weathered a strong push by Winsor at the end.

home Winsor Gym B 33 - 32 Win
02/17/2017 4:15 pm More Info

Departure Time: 2/17/17 12:00 am

Return Time: 2/17/17 12:00 am

Total team effort from start to finish. Beaver finished the first half with the lead and then closed out the second half with a strong defensive effort to pull ahead for good.

home Concord Academy Gym B 22 - 12 Win