(pronounced “new-view”)

Beaver is the founding partner of NuVu, an innovative trimester-length program whose pedagogy is based on the studio model of teaching and learning.

NuVu’s network of coaches draws from MIT, Harvard University, and myriad other industry experts. Students are guided through tackling real world issues using hands-on problem solving. This inventive culture promotes peer teaching and learning, and cultivates curiosity.

NuVu challenges students to learn in new ways: analytical thinkers are inspired to explore their creative selves, while creative students expand their capacity to think and learn analytically.

All students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade can apply to attend.

Read more about NuVu – and see what students are working on this term – on the NuVu blog and website.

NuVu project highlights

The following are a small selection of projects Beaver students have worked on at NuVu.

uplift Uplift: a mobility device designed to maneuver in narrow confined spaces and to raise and lower to different heights ranging from 45 cm to 75 cm off the ground. Read more about the project.
the modern cane The Modern Cane: a cane designed to work as a third leg for someone who is either handicapped, physically impaired, or a senior citizen. Read more about the project.
backcountry IC Backcountry IV: a portable heated IV for extreme climate situations and/or high altitude climbers suffering from hypothermia or dehydration. Read more about the project.
prosthetic ratchet hand Prosthetic ratchet hand: one of five prosthetic hands designed based on code from MakerBot Robohand.Read more about the project.
affordable water filter Affordable water filter: designed to be affordable for low-income families, the filter removes salt and other contaminants from water.Read more about the project.
Boston MBTA Re-envisioning Boston’s Public Transit: students considered how to redesign the MBTA through new routes, enhanced cable cars, and better maps.Read more about the project.
Homelessness in Cambridge: documentary exploring the increasing homeless population in Cambridge, MA.Read more about the project.

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