Middle School students experiment and gain confidence with a wide range of materials and techniques. Our classroom structure allows students to become comfortable with uncertainty, begin to take creative risks, and learn to engage in conversations around that. We encourage them to draw on their interests and experiences when developing content for their art and to also use art as a form of research to discover new worlds.

Visual Arts 6

What is the creative potential in the objects around us? How do we harness this potential and carry though our ideas? In the first term of 6th grade students experience a fast paced class where high energy and an open mind are the only requirements. Collaborative learning and building is a key element to the class. Students will explore a variety of projects and materials that challenge their idea of “traditional” art making. Students push to work with these less traditional materials and see the potential for art in in all things around. Through this process, students will begin to see the value in the art making process and not only the final outcome of a project.

Visual Arts 7

How do I begin to express myself through visual art? Can my thoughts and experiences authentically be conveyed in my art work? In 7th grade students begin to incorporate themselves into their work. Memories, experiences, and emotions slowly make their way into the art making process. Materials continue to play an important role as we join a personal component to the students work. This is the groundwork for helping students develop the skills they need to express themselves effectively through their art. Communicating through visual art is a tool that will continue to be a focus as students move through middle and upper school.

Visual Arts 8

Where do I fit in in the world around me? How can I begin to navigate this world using visual art and process as a starting point? In 8th grade, students will continue to build upon their brainstorming skills as they begin to have more input into their art work. Students learn about artists who react to their surroundings and materials and in turn impact others. The line between art and daily life can be blurry at times as students react to nontraditional materials and places for art work. Leaving middle school, each student will have the confidence and skill set needed to move forward as a growing artist.