BVR Academics: Podcasting about works of art in French

Intermediate French Podcast

Class: Intermediate French: Art and Society
Grades: 10th, 11th, 12th
Teacher: Rachel Veto

In the intermediate French class, Art and Society, students created French-language podcasts about works of art—ranging from Greek statues to Taylor Swift’s albums to graffiti. Each episode included:

  1. Background information on the art and the artist;
  2. An unscripted interview with a guest;
  3. A scripted final conclusion on the work.

This format allowed students to hone the skills they had learned in class (including narrating in the past tense), practice scripted presentational speech, and explore spontaneous interpersonal speech. They used the podcast creation app, Anchor, and you can listen to their final products here.

I am so proud of the work that students did on this podcast. By choosing a work of art that mattered to them, they were able to combine their own reactions to the art with analysis of the context in which that art was created. It also gave us an amazing variety of topics—from Greek statues to Bob Dylan to Mayan weaving to Taylor Swift. Students practiced complex language and forms while creating podcast episodes that are fascinating and informative to listen to. — Rachel Veto, Upper School French teacher

More about Intermediate French: Art and Society at Beaver
In this course, students will explore art through various modes such as music and visual art produced by Francophone artists. The class will discuss the context in which these works were created and their impact on society. Students will work closely with these works and use them to develop their own artistic voice. Read more.

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