BVR academics: A collaboration between 6th + 12th grades to stop fake news

Stopping fake news

Class: Humanities class & The Media and Its Influences
Grade: 6th & 10th Grade
Teacher: Geeta Jain & Randall Northrop

How do you combat fake news? Ms. Jain’s and Mr. Northrop’s classes spent weeks collaborating on the topic of fake news and source credibility. They explored the roles of journalists, defined fake news, researched ways to prevent the spread of misinformation, and worked together to come up with solutions to combat fake news.

I truly believe having 12th grade students be in the role of teacher/mentor for younger students allows them to build their empathy skills and show responsibility to their larger community.

For the 6th graders, they begin to feel and understand the true meaning of a community of learners. (And of course, it is just so fun for them to know and say “hello” or give a high-five to a “big” 11th or 12th grader in the building.)

— Geeta Jain, MS Humanities Teacher

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