Beaver delegation wins award of excellence, individual accolades at the National High School Model United Nation Conference

Beaver Model UN Team

The Beaver Model UN dynasty continues!

After the team’s success as BOSMUN in February, they went on to attend NHSMUN (National High School Model United Nations Conference) in New York earlier this month.  As a team, the Beaver delegation was awarded the Award of Excellence for its overall success in committees. Individually, Aidan Berg ’20 won the Award of Merit and Davin Izedian ’21 won the Award of Excellence.

NHSMUN is the largest Model UN conference in the world, hosting student delegates from 70 countries. It is widely considered the most prestigious MUN conference.

Schools participating and winning at this conference are usually schools known around the world for their Model UN program – schools that meet Monday to Friday to prep specifically for NHSMUN. We meet once a week during club block. It just goes to show the extreme passion, dedication, and excitement of our Beaver students! 

– Sumaya Ibourk, BVRMUN advisor

This was Beaver’s third year attending the event.

The 2019 BVRMUN delegation and their committees:

  • Aidan Berg ’20 represented Argentina in the International Atomic Energy Agency Committee. Topic: Feasibility of nuclear energy in developing countries.
  • Hannah Dineen ’21 represented Austria in the Council of the European Union Committee. Topic: Euroscepticism within Poland and Hungary.
  • Ruby Miller ’19 was the Minister of Labor and Employment in the Historical Crisis Committee. Topic: Indira Gandhi’s Cabinet.
  • Alex Jin ’19 was the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning in the Crisis Committee. Topic: Restoring peace during the South Sudanese Civil War.
  • Davin Izedian ’21 participated as a judge in the International Criminal Court Committee. Topics: (1) Crimes against humanity in Mexico and (2) the transition to democracy that has caused a humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.
  • Devin Donlon ’19 participated as a judge in the International Court of Justice Committee. Topics: (1) The legal status of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and (2) a territorial dispute between Guyana and Venezuela.
  • Sumaya Ibrahim ’20 and Sam Szwartz ’21 represented Italy in the Historical Security Council. Topics: (1) How to diffuse the civil war conflict in Lebanon in 1988 and (2) how to attempt to assist civilians in Somalia during the civil war in 1988.
  • Max Thomson ’21 and Philippe Izedian ’19 represented Kuwait in the UN Security Council. Topics: (1) The acts of violence and systematic discrimination towards the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, and (2) cases of human flight, economic downturn, and ethnic tensions in the Central African Republic.

Here is a clip from the closing ceremony at the New York City United Nations Visitor Center of Philippe Izedian ’19 picking up Beaver’s delegation award of excellence:

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