Students pitch their startup ideas on Shark Day 2019

Shark Day 2019

Six groups of student entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas to our panel of sharks – made up of Jessica McLear P’20, a member of Launchpad Venture Group, and Christian Magel P’25, founder of the Venture Lane. While the students’ ideas were all drastically different – ranging from an app to help the visually impaired buy groceries to a device that tracks water usage – they all had one thing in common: a mission of doing social good.


Devin Donlon ’19, Graham Kaplan ’19, Alex Denomme ’19, and Evan Teperman ’19
Website that matches individuals with people in their area that have similar workout routines. The goal of this service is to get more working adults to work out.

Drug Discuss
Annie Muggia ’19, Nicole Katz ’19, Kyle Banker ’19, and Zach Herman ’19
App designed to give college students suffering from drug addictions a way connect with a community of users and therapists.

Speak Eats
Abby Cebula ’21, Max Robins ’20, Christian Vaream ’20, and Ant Morales ’20
App that helps visually-impaired users find groceries in the grocery store. Guided by QR codes, it gives audio directions to find a particular item.

Amanda Altman ’19, Ben Haber ’21, Kate Mullin ’19, and Omari Battle ’19
Device and app that tracks water usage so users can find ways to conserve water.

Nick Caruso ’19, Rebecca Livstone ’21, Tyler Price ’19, and Alannah Argyle ’19
Education technology platform designed to better connect students and teachers. Includes detailed user profile pages, an inbox for students to contact teachers, and a mental health support page.

Cam Ventura ’19
, Grant Kibel ’19, Sophie Wilmerding ’21, and Ian Emery ’19
Website to support and connect veterans with jobs and other resources to help them readjust back to civilian life.




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