BVR seniors present “Innovation with a Purpose” at LearnLaunch’s Learning Innovation Showcase

Beaver students present at LearnLaunch

For the second year in a row, Beaver students presented their works at the LearnLaunch Learning Innovation Showcase. LearnLaunch is a conference that focuses on using innovation to transform learning, and in the Innovation Showcase “Ignite Sessions”, selected students share their innovative learning experience in the classroom in 1-minute presentations.

Check out the creative works seniors Noor Jehan Ansari, Max Bergstrand, and Christian de Weck brought to the event.


Created by Noor Jehan Ansari
What it is: A heart rate monitor that plays music based on how fast or how slow your heart beats. Users of this technology could slow their heart rate, lower their blood pressure, and ultimately decrease their stress by playing slower music.

Tenochtitlan: The Aztec Capital
Created by Max Bergstrand
What it is: A scaled-down model meant to represent both the ingenuity and adaptability of the Aztec civilization. This model highlights some of the great feats the Aztecs achieved in culture, health, and construction.

3D-printed prosthetic hand V2
Created by Christian de Weck
What it is: A completely 3D-printed prosthetic hand that can grip and has two modular attachments. This prosthetic is more affordable to create and print than any of the current models on the market. (Read about v1 of the 3D-printed prosthetic hand.)

Beaver students at LearnLaunch

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