Parents of Color Welcome recap

On Wednesday, September 7, we hosted one of two evening events for Parents of Color. After a long hiatus, the impetus for renewing these gatherings last fall involved several conversations between parents and a few administrators. These parents are actively involved in the school community and wanted to ensure all felt welcomed at events. An essential aspect of the discussions acknowledged the needs of individuals may vary, and initially, the experiences for members of underrepresented populations may require different support systems. Beaver strives to meet the needs of all with the goal of creating a diverse, inclusive community. At times, this will entail hosting events for affinity groups with the purpose of building strong relationships where everyone feels valued. These small gatherings foster community building through the sharing of experiences, information, encouragement, and support.

Participants included Nancy Caruso Associate Head of School, Tiffany Marsh Director of the Middle School, Yolanda Wilcox Gonzalez Head of the Global History Department, Shamikhah Baker Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Joe Christy Director of Student Engagement, and 15 families.

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