US students teach MS students about 3D modeling and printing

Upper School students have been busy running a 3D modeling and printing workshop for Middle School students. Middle School students had the chance to design their own pieces over the last 3 weeks and will be printed on our machines. Below are some examples of the designs students made and in the next couple of weeks, the models will be printed for the students to have.

“I was actually making the hard hat to put on the little stuffed beavers for tech theaters social media account, I was also going to make a turtle to go along but i didn’t have enough time.” – Ezekiele Hurley ’20

“I started by fiddling around with solid 3D objects, and the sphere looked the nicest to me, so Mickey Mouse instantly popped into my mind. I then decided to add something cooler to follow in suit with Banksy’s street art themes giving him a war helmet.” – Maxwell Glenn ’19

“I made this Mockingjay decoration because I absolutely love the Hunger Games and it’s deep concepts. The Hunger Games has been a love of mine for years and I feel very connected to it” – Camille Cirurgiao ’21

“I made my music note because I love music and I thought it was a really cool design.” – Jon Snyder ’21

“I created a box with my name on it with a cap that can go on and off. I originally just created my name with a plaque underneath it while I was fooling around, but after a while I realized that this could be my ending project. I talked to some of the high schoolers and they thought of making a box so they helped me create this great project. I added the cap to the box after I was done and had extra time.” – Lila Goldstein ’21

“I decided to design a Prussian solider because I thought it’s thick mustache would be fun to make using Polygons.” -Ronan O’Callaghan ’19

“Me and Steph made a unicorn with our names engraved on it. We decided to make this unicorn because we both love unicorns and we thought the idea of making one would be really fun and challenging.” – Sadie Winton ’20″We love unicorns and so when we signed up for 3D printing the first thing we wanted to print was a unicorn. It took a lot of time and effort but we played around with different parts of Rhino to create exactly what we wanted. There is risk with 3D printing and that is what makes it so fun.” – Stephanie Clark ’20

Hollow Cube – Oliver Trejo ’21

RJP Car – Robert Paglione ’20

2011x Car – Julian Slama ’20

Rocket – Christian deWeck ’19


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