Vote for our 2015 SXSWedu submission, “The Coded Curriculum: A Year in Review”

Help Beaver return to Austin for SXSWedu. Vote for our submission!

Last year’s panel at SXSWedu, The Coded Curriculum, was a huge success and we hope to return this year with an update on our progress. But we need your help!

Watch and vote for our submission here.

**Voting closes Thursday, September 4.**

Voting on the SXSWedu website isn’t the easiest process, so we created a 4 step guide to ease any frustration. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll be in, voting, and on with your day in a few minutes time. (We promise!)

Beaver’s quick and painless guide to SXSWedu voting:
  1. Keep this blogpost open at all times. Note: This step is crucial to your success.
  2. Click on this link to get to our SXSWedu page and watch our video. Troubleshooting: When you click the above link, it will open up in a new tab or window. If it doesn’t, come back to this blogpost and copy and paste the following link into a new window or tab:
  1. Still with us? Good! Next step is to sign in or sign up. Troubleshooting: How do I know if I sign in or sign up? If you voted for us last year, then your email information should be saved and you can sign in. If not, sign up.
  1. All signed in? Fantastic. Come back to this blogpost and click on this link to get back to our SXSWedu Panel page. This will re-open the same page, but this time you’ll be signed in. Now you just need to cast your vote by clicking on the thumbs up (we hope) in the upper left corner.
And there you go! You voted!


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