Students Skype with journalists at the Skype headquarters

Yesterday, three Beaver juniors and Global History Department Head, Kader Adjout, skyped with journalists and other media outlets at the Skype headquarters in New York. The purpose of the Microsoft sponsored event was to bring awareness to Skype in the Classroom, a program specifically designed by Skype to connect teachers and students from across the globe. Beaver was brought in as an example to the media as to what benefits Skype has on everyday learning. Beaver’s Sarah Thompson talked about how Skyping with Egyptian students about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict a few months back opened her eyes to the different points of view people have depending on where they live or what they’ve experienced.

“The students had their mouths hanging open when my partner and I told them about our one-state solution. They couldn’t believe we thought this was a good idea,” said Thompson.

That pushback from across the world fostered a discussion that gave both sides a deeper understanding of each other’s lives.

“Skyping in class gives students other opinions and perspectives on international issues,” remarked Charlee Manigat.

These types of discussions, experience-based learning, and problem solving through global collaboration are what Skype are trying to create in everyday education.


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