Blog discussion with students in Uganda at Beacon of Hope Secondary School

Rodney Yeoh’s 11th grade history students blogged with students at the Beacon of Hope Secondary School. This was done thanks to the help of parent, Deb Hunter Mills. The students are mainly refugees and former child soldiers. They are around the same age as the 11th graders here at Beaver.

The blog discussions centered on two topics, cultural exchange and foreign aid. Students from both classes asked questions and gave answers on both issues.

Rodney’s 11th grade students really enjoyed the experience and are now working on ensuring that they can do another round of these discussions.

Beaver students had many questions for the Beacon of Hope students. They were curious about the hopes and aspirations of the Ugandan students. They also wanted to know if/how students at Beacon of Hope had been directly affected by foreign aid. Beaver students inquired about Ugandans perception of the US and its people. Lastly they asked if given the power and means what would be the ideal form of foreign aid to a Ugandan.

View the student’s blogs here to read discussions between to two nations.

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