Flint, Saitz, and Greeley earn Athletic Accolades

Hunter Flint ’14 – Varsity Tennis
Hunter Flint deserves recognition, not only for his excellent play over the past two weeks, but his leadership as Co-Captain. He has won his first 4 matches of the season battling through 35 degree weather and shoulder fatigue. He is a stoic competitor who overwhelms his opponents with patient, deliberated point construction.

Leo Saitz ’16 – Ultimate Frisbee
Leo most recently helped lead the team to victory against CSW.  He was a force on both sides of the disc.  Leo helped create crucial turnovers when CSW was close to scoring, and he hustled back down the field and found his way into the end zone 8 times.  Leo’s 8 scores accounted for more than half of the teams points in the victory.

Jackson Greeley ’18 – MS Lacrosse 
As the Middle School Boys’ Lacrosse team finds it’s stride, Jackson Greeley leads the team in scoring through 3 games (9 goals, 3 assists).  His aggressive play, and contributions from his unselfish teammates have allowed him to get quality scoring opportunities.  In the team’s win vs. the Meadowbrook School, Jackson led the team with 4 goals.

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