The 13.1 Project Team Run

The 13.1 Project Team Run started out of curiosity from Tara Paulauskas’ advisee, Laurel Sullivan ’16, who was particularly interested in the challenge of training for a half marathon and they committed to making it happen. They extended the invite to the entire community and several students and a few faculty accepted the challenge of committing to train through the harsh winter season to accomplish the feat of finishing a half at the end of February. As she said in the invite to the community: “We will run 3 days a week after school and will get you ready to safely complete the race in February (all 13.1 miles!) It isn’t really all about the running – it’s more about committing your mind and body to do something you may think isn’t possible. “

And so they started training in November just before Thanksgiving. A few kids have had to leave their training for various reasons but they will have 6 at the start line on February 23 at the Hyannis half. They’ll be accompanied and supported by 4 Beaver faculty as well. They’ve run in the dark, through snow and sub-freezing temperatures all winter. Integral to their running has been education about training safely, the need to fuel and re-fuel their bodies and proper rest. Ms. Paulauskas could not be prouder of this group of kids for the tenacity and dedication that they have engaged in this challenge. She also could not be more appreciative of Ms. Livingston and Ms. Winston who have helped lead the kids through the season.

This past weekend, they partnered with Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Newton who offered a running clinic for the group. They had a pre-run talk with a physical therapist and ironman triathalete who is on staff at Marathon, then the group went out for a long run (the kids ran 12 and the adults ran 10) then, upon their return, they had a session with another Marathon trainer about recovery work with stretching, foam rolling and other great post-exercise aftercare. It was a great morning! The kids were so proud of themselves. For each kid, it was the first time running that distance.

The group will meet in Hyannis on February 23 for the half-marathon race. The kids will do great. They’ve accomplished so much already. They are hoping that they are building a program with this effort. It will keep growing if more students and faculty are interested and able to commit the time and energy it takes to train for distance events. It’s worth it! Like Ms. Paulauskas said, it really isn’t just about the running.


Pictured above:  Sam Radin ’15, Laurel Sullivan ’16, and Maddie Brucker ’14.

Running is something that one needs to push themselves to finish. This whole half marathon has made me push through my injuries and expand my abilities to improve as a runner. We ran 12 miles for training and it was difficult to push myself around the 9 mile mark. But remembering that stopping wasn’t an option I would allow myself, I kept running because I knew that I could finish. –Sam Radin ’15

I did not think that I could ever run more that like 2 miles in the first place so going into this whole process I was very skeptical. However, now that I have finished a 12 mile run I think I am more then ready and prepared to complete my first half marathon!  –Maddie Brucker ’14

Before this summer I used to hate running. This summer I began to fall in love with running. When Ms. P shared her idea of the 13.1 project I wanted to do it, but I was intimidated because I have never thought of myself as a runner. We have now run 12 miles, in rain, snow, wind, and sun. This has been a great experience and I recommend everyone try running because it is really fun!Laurel Sullivan ’16


Pictured above from L to R:  Emily, trainer from Marathon Sports, Alison Livingston, US Science Teacher, Laurel Sullivan ’16, Amy Winston, Visual Arts Teacher, Sam Radin ’15, Maddie Brucker ’14, Tara Paulauskas Director of Counseling Services, Kelly from Marathon Sports.


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    Looking for a 5k after the Hyannis half?? I’m hosting a race at Newton South High School to benefit the American Liver Foundation. Find more info here: or

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