Student Skype with Holocaust Survivor

Mr. Gould’s WWII class and Ms. Brown’s WWII Lit class Skyped with Scott Dolgov’s ’14 grandmother, Terry Dolgov to discuss her first hand experiences during the Holocaust and how her family spent their time trying to escape the Nazis.

Ms. Dolgov gave details on what she had to go through starting at age 9 when the war began. She was accompanied by her two older sisters and her parents. She went step by step through her horrible experiences.

“Aside from the fear, the circumstances were very degrading; staying alive was our main focus”

Students listened intently while Ms. Dolgov explained how she lived in constant fear of being discovered while she was trying to hide out and stay alive.

She said how important it is to explain her story, since there aren’t many survivors left.

Students were able to ask questions following Ms. Dolgov’s story.

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