Soto-Rivera, Brown, and McClennen earn Athletic Accolades

This week, three athletes were honored with Athletic Accolades. Stephanie Soto-Rivera ’14, Shandon Brown ’18, and Ryan McClennen ’18 received the award for their hard work and performance on the court.

Stephanie Soto-Rivera ’14 – Girls’ Varsity Basketball
Stephanie Soto-Rivera ’14 has reached a milestone in Beaver basketball history that only two female players has reached before her- she has hit the 1,000 pt milestone! Steph needed 27 points to reach 1,000 total career points and did just that @ Pingree on January 29.  Stephanie leads the team in scoring averaging 17.2 points per game and 6 rebounds per game.

“Steph has enjoyed a phenomenal career here at Beaver, and her individual achievement of reaching 1,000 points is a credit to the success of the entire program.” said coach Sherry Levin.  “We are proud of Steph and truly appreciate all she has done for the Girls’ Varsity Basketball program.”

Shandon Brown ’18 –  MS Boys’ A Basketball
Shandon Brown scored 19 of the team’s 38 points against Fessenden on January 28. Shandon leads the team in overall scoring and is a vocal leader on the court. One of his biggest impacts is his ability to get all of his teammates involved in the game, making all five players on the floor a scoring threat.

Ryan McClennen  ’18 – MS Boys’ B Blue team
Ryan has demonstrated an overall great performance on the court by scoring, rebounding, and blocking shots. He is passionate and has the ability to bring out the best in his teammates.


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