A very successful Boston Model UN Conference!

Our students did an excellent job at Boston University’s 13th Annual “BosMUN” Invitational Conference at the Park Plaza this past weekend. This conference, which hosts over 1400 students from schools in the US and abroad, was a great opportunity for both our novice and more experienced delegates to apply their hard work and preparation.

Students spent three days debating a wide range of topics, as representatives of countries in the General Assembly and ECOSOC, and as individuals in historical and specialized committees. This group spent a great deal of time, both in and out of school, preparing for this conference, researching their topics and delegations, practicing public speaking, debate and negotiation, and writing position papers, draft working papers, and draft resolutions.

Six of our students received individual awards at BosMUN;

  • Jessica Ainooson ‘16 and Alexandra Bernard ‘14 won “Best Position Paper” in the UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), respectively. Their research was thorough and very well presented.
  • Henry Bailey ‘15 was presented with a Verbal Commendation for his excellent work as the delegate from Argentina in the UN Security Council. It is important to note that Henry’s chairs presented him with an honorary gavel following the ceremony and explained that he was the best speaker in the committee.
  • Dimitrius Keeler ‘15 and Marcia Zimmerman ‘15 both won highly coveted “Outstanding Delegate” awards for their work. Dimitrius did a superb job in the Historical Israeli Joint Crisis Committee (so impressing his chairs that they told us that he is already ready for collegiate level conferences.) . Marcia continued her impressive track record of excellent research and strong negotiation skills in her historical committee, Pinochet’s Cabinet 1973.
  • Kate Lambroza ‘14 rose to the top of an extremely competitive group in the International Criminal Court to win “Best Delegate.” She was among the first of seven to be elected a Justice in her committee, and did an excellent job navigating the nuanced and complex world of international law. She has expressed interest in a possible future in law, and based on her performance at this conference, it is clear that she has great potential in such a field.


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