Great news from Model UN!

We are happy to return to Boston following an exciting and successful weekend at the Global Classrooms International Model UN Conference, held at the United Nations and the Grand Hyatt Hotel, In New York City. Our students had the unique honor of being the last group of students to experience Model United Nations in the UN General Assembly Hall, as it will soon undergo extensive renovation.

Ten Beaver students attended the prestigious 14th Annual GCIMUN, which holds its opening and closing ceremonies at the United Nations General Assembly Hall. They represented regional interests in the Millennium Development Goals committees for Africa and Latin America, advocated for the empowerment of women in the UN Women Committee, devised plans to combat human trafficking in the International Organization for Migration, and drafted strategies to confront illicit trade in the World Trade Organization.

Every one of our delegates reflected the extraordinary effort and dedication that he or she has put forth in preparation for this conference. Each student represented his or her adopted nation with pride and knowledge, and spoke passionately about, and advocated powerfully for, solutions to the challenges presented at this conference.


The results of our students’ hard work paid off. Six of our ten delegates received awards at this conference, which was attended by thousands of students from around the world. Kate Lambroza ’14 and Henderson Bailey ’15 received the coveted award for “Best Position Paper” in their committee, the International Organization for Migration. Alex Freedgood ’13 and Alex Fissler ’13 were both given “Honorable Mention” recognition for their excellent work in the Millennium Development Goals: Africa committee. Finally, Marcia Zimmerman ’15 and Scott Dolgov ’14 were awarded the highly prestigious honor of “Best Delegate” in their committee, “The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women.


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