Hear from Head of School Peter Hutton

Innovating K-12 Education for the New Economy
“If there’s one subject nearly every American has considered of late, it’s our nation’s future. From rising unemployment rates to growing concerns for future generations, we all fear the consequences of a weak economy.

As an experienced educator and the current Head of Beaver Country Day School, I, too, harbor these concerns. However, I am hopeful. I believe that a major part of the remedy to our country’s economic fears is at our fingertips, and it begins with education.”

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Thoughts on 21st century skills and tools teachers and students require to be successful.
“We did not embrace 1.0 technologies in a systematic way because they did not really shift the classroom dynamic. When 2.0 technologies emerged, everything changed. We had more opportunities for collaboration among students, between students and teachers and with the world beyond the classroom. Students can develop more sophisticated projects and engage with real and varied audiences, and teachers and administrators have found better ways to collaborate with each other. Technology is now a just part of Beaver’s DNA.”

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