“What Is An Art Gallery?” – student interactive installation

Run: September 6 – 14

We started this year off by asking students to post questions and answers to the statement, “What is an art gallery?” They literally posted these questions by physically hanging them on a sculpture in the gallery.

Here are some of the posted responses that we hope to address this year:

  • What makes art interesting?
  • Why do we enjoy art?
  • What is the meaning of art?
  • What is the process to making a piece of art?
  • Why do artists art?
  • What makes art beautiful?
  • Why do we display art?
  • Why do people go to galleries?
  • Does the artist always have their audience in mind?
  • Art process or product?
  • Who decides what art is?
  • Are we allowed to only show certain types of art?

You can see photos from the installation on the Beaver Facebook page.

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  1. Mr. Ingenthron October 5, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

    Please feel free to post a comment to any of the above questions. Hearing perspectives and opinions from outside the studio/classroom really enriches our conversations. We hope to develop a dialogue through out this year.

    Mr. Ingenthron
    Visual Arts Faculty Member

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