Find Pictures on Smugmug!

For those of you that are wondering how to access pictures of your children at sports games, school events, and various other activities, they are located on smugmug! Smugmug is the online photo album that Beaver uses to upload pictures in different categories for everyone to explore and enjoy.

One way to get to smugmug is go to the Beaver website, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the smugmug logo displayed on the right, with the rest of our social media icons.

The direct website for Beaver photos can be accessed here: smugmug.

The pictures are categorized by event such as first day of school, sports, and PA dinner. Once you select a photo you like, you can click “buy” in the top right corner of the photo, or you can save it to your computer by scrolling your mouse over the picture on the right and clicking the folder that says “save photo”.  Either way you choose, the photos are now yours to enjoy!

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