Skyping with Afghanistan: elections

Beaver students Skyped with a class in Afghanistan to discuss the upcoming elections in both countries this past Tuesday.

The Afghan students were interested in learning about Muslims in the United States and asked questions such as, “Can Muslims vote in your elections”,  “How can Muslims sways elections?”, and  “Has the U.S. ever had a Muslim president? Why not?”.  They were also interested in learning more about young people in the United States and the general electoral process.

Beaver students Skyped with a class in Afghanistan Tuesday morning.

Beaver students focused on the political climate in Afghanistan and asked the Afghan students how they felt about the current Afghan president. (They like him because he lets them go to school.) When asked what they most hope for from the upcoming election, the Afghan students said, “Being in peace and living in peace.”

This Skype is the first in a series of international video chats about elections in various countries. Upcoming Skypes include a discussion with Pakistan, Germany, and Egypt. 

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