Final Assembly Recognizes Outstanding Students

As the last official all-school event of the school year, the fifty-seventh Final Assembly took place on Friday, June 8 and honored students and faculty who have made remarkable contributions to the Beaver community.

This year’s awards are listed below.

Yearbook Dedication
Kader Adjout, US Global History & Social Studies Teacher

Paul Revere Cup for Athletics
David Jacquet ’12 and Taylor Jason Moor ’12

Palmer Cup for Athletics
Nora Demick ’12 and Carly Furr ’12

English Dept Award
Neil Hildick-Smith ’13 and Nolan Flaherty ’13

Heider-Hand-HornBlower Award for History
David Herman ’12

Junior Math Award
Brian Rubenstein ’13

Senior Math Award
Lili Welch ’12

The Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
Neil Hildick-Smith ’13

Women in Science
Sophia Ardell ’13

The Allen Randolph Award for Applied Sciences
Noah Jallos-Prufer ’13 and Diego Fiori ’12

French Achievement
Victoria Hasenfuss ’12

Spanish Achievement
Kristopher Bronner ’12 and Ivanna Mejia ’12

Psychology Award
Christina Lelon ’12, Imogene Edson ’12 & Sarah Goldberg ’13

Helen Emerson Performing Arts Award
Music                                      Steven Manwaring ’13
Theater                                   Benjamin Mills ’13

Performing Arts Senior Art Award
Music                                      Samantha Law ’12
Theater                                  Nicholas Laycox ’12

Junior Visual Arts Award
Tyler Myrick ’13

Visual Arts Senior Art Award
Taylor Hayes ’12

Hiatt Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement Award
Nora Demick ’12 and Alexys Butler ’12

Admission Service Recognition
Carli Jaff ’12 and Carly Furr ’12

Spirit Cup
The Spirit Cup is given to a senior who has approached all work and all activities at school with the goal of making this community a better place for both classmates and teachers. In all areas – whether in the classroom, the stage, publications, student government or any activities – this student has exemplified the character and qualities that we associate with the very best of young women and men – qualities that are clearly apparent to all of us. The Spirit Cup is for a student who demonstrates leadership by example, by the approach to every element of school life.  It is a student who approaches all activities and interactions with responsible enthusiasm and grace.

Kristopher Bronner ’12

Peter Gow III Award
Joe Christy, US Math Teacher

Upper School Mente Et Manu Awards
Upper School MENTE ET MANU AWARDS are given to students who have contributed in positive ways to life at Beaver Country Day School.  In the true spirit of Beaver, these students have shared the gift of their own passions and values, and they demonstrated a consistent willingness to take responsibility for enhancing the quality and meaning of membership in the school community.

9th       Marcia Zimmerman ’15
10th     Silmar Bueno ’14
11th     Neil Hildick-Smith ’13
12th     Kristopher Bronner ’12 and Victoria Hasenfuss ’12

Faculty Prize
Faculty prizes are given to students who have demonstrated outstanding intellectual curiosity and engagement, a sustained commitment to the process of their own education, and a deep respect for the collaborative and communal nature of learning.  These students have shown exemplary quality in their own work and extraordinary spirit and values as members of a learning community.

9th       Josh Roy ’15
10th     Emily Cudhea Pierce ’14
11th     Maggie Cherneff ’13
12th     David Herman ’12

Founders’ Prize
Founder’s Prizes are given to students whose efforts in all areas of academic life have been exemplary.  Hard-working in and out of school and active in class, these students have demonstrated their understanding of the principle that education is an endeavor worthy of sustained commitment.

9th       Elias Pimentel ’15
10th     Julia Fein ’14
11th     Steven Manwaring ’13
12th     Olivia Dynan ’12

Middle School Mente Et Manu Awards
Established in 1996 by the Middle School faculty, the Mente Et Manu Awards are given to those eighth graders who have demonstrated a strong and consistent desire to learn, the motivation to reach for their potential, and sustained effort in academics, arts, and athletics. In the true spirit of Beaver Country Day School, these students have demonstrated a willingness to take risks that have contributed to their intellectual, emotional, and ethical growth, while accepting personal responsibility, and showing a thoughtful respect for all members of the Beaver Community.

Sophia Friedfertig ’16 and Jessica Ainooson ’16

Middle School Shelley Tyre Award
This award is named in the memory of Shelley Tyre, Middle School Director from 1984 to 1991 and is given to 6th and 7th grade students who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the Middle School community.   Award recipients have made positive contributions to the middle school by always maintaining high academic goals, being upbeat, and seeing the best in others.  Their efforts have played an important role in building a stronger and more cohesive community

6th       Joddy Nwankwo ’18 and Christopher Bucking ’18
7th       Sydney Brown ’17 and William Ferguson ’17

High Honors
Graduation with High Honors is awarded to seniors with no grades below B+ in courses taken in their junior and senior years at Beaver.

Najwa Aswad
Kristopher Bronner
Brielle Butler
Olivia Dynan
Diego Fiori
Will Harrington
Victoria Hasenfuss
Taylor Hayes
David Herman
Carli Jaff
Ben Logan
Jonathan Mamon
TJ Moor
Asa Welch
Lili Welch

Departmental Distinctions
Seniors earn distinction in a discipline because of their consistently demonstrated intellectual curiosity and achievement, motivation to challenge themselves, willingness to take risks, contribution to the discipline, and engagement of their knowledge and skills to impact the world around them.

Distinction in English
Will Harrington
Joe Randles
Brielle Butler
Sara Radin
Samantha Law

Distinction in History
Olivia Dynan
TJ Moor
Will Harrington
David Herman

Distinction in Math
Michael Barrow
David Herman
David Taus
Brielle Butler
Distinctions in Science
Kris Bronner
Alexys Butler
Briele Butler
David Herman

Distinction in French
Samuel Raphael
Najwa Aswad

Distinction in Spanish
Sara Radin
Grace West
David Herman
TJ Moor

Distinction in Music
Samantha Law
Diego Fiori
Connor Laubenstein
Alexys Butler
Najwa Aswad

Distinction in Theatre
Will Harrington
Carli Jaff
Grace West
Lexie Sparrow

Distinction in Visual Arts
Emily Magee
Emily Levesque
Sara Radin
Amanda Saker


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