Harrington, Colon, and Friedfertig Honored with Athletic Accolades

Athletic Accolades

This week, three Beaver student-athletes were recognized for outstanding play with Athletic Accolades: Will Harrington ’12, Jherson Colon ’13, and Sophia Friedfertig ’16.

Will Harrington ’12 – Fencing
As one of the captains of the varsity fencing Team, Harrington is off to a tremendous start. Undefeated so far in the regular season, Will took the gold medal in Men’s Sabre at the Concord Carlisle Invitational.

Jherson Colon ’13 – Boys’ Varsity Basketball
Jherson has been averaging 16.3 pts/game since his return from surgery for a torn meniscus. In only his second game, he led the team with 22 points in the finals of the Holiday Hoops victory over Suffield Academy. This performance earned him Tournament MVP. Jherson has also played outstanding defense on the opposing teams’ point guards. He has been instrumental in the team’s 9-0 start.

Sophia Friedfertig ’16 – MS Girls’ A Basketball
Sophia is an offensive and defensive threat on the basketball court. In the most recent game against Brimmer and May, she scored 14 points and led the team to a 25-22 victory. Never afraid to strip the ball from her opponents, dribble, shoot, and rebound, Sophia leads the team in rebounds, points scored, and steals. Her commitment to excellence in the classroom, her cheerful demeanor in the hallways, and her sportsmanship on the court are some of the greatest attributes that Sophia brings to Beaver.

Photo: Will Harrington ’12, Jherson Colon ’13, and Sophia Friedfertig ’16

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