Our thanks to Beaver parents for their extraordinary volunteer and financial support that enhances every aspect of the Beaver community.

Parent Donors by Class Year

Class of 2012

Milhim and Maha Aswad
Bobby and Kaajal Bakshi
Lawrence and Benita Barbell
Mark and Wendy Barrow
John ’83 and Beth Barton ’83
Bethany Block
Michael and Lisa Bronner
John and Gail Brooks
Robert and Amy Carp
Jerry and Jennifer Chafkin
John Demick and Nancy Kay
Jim and Mary Jane Devins
Mitch Dynan and Faith Michaels ’76
Manuel Fernandez and Lynne Godfrey
David and Nina Fialkow
Gian Luca and Angela Fiori✮
David ’80 and Jody Flashner ’80
Robert and Jane Furr
Gene and Mary Gegler
Paul and Laurie Gershkowitz
Brian and Arza Goldstein
Jeffrey and Molly Goodman
Richard Gordon and Mary Kirson
Peter Gow and Mimi Harrington
Caroline Greenwood
Sue Grosel
Tom and Christine Hayes
Paul and Francine Healey
John and Mary Herman
Todd and Cherie Hoffman
Rob Hudson and Perry Hewitt
Raymonde Jacquet
Michael and Debra Jaff
Jason and Maresa Kuperschmid
Alan Laubenstein
Mark and Devon Laycox
Chuck and Bobi Lelon
Peter and Bernadette Levesque
Chris and Claudia Logan
Andrew and Amanda Magee
David and Lauren Mamon
Paul Mangone and Rachelle Morton
Collin and Marcia Moor
Julie Palmer
Tim and Nora Phillips
Patrick and Corinne Planche
Chris and Jocelyn Randles
Nick Raphael and Martha Williams
Abby Rodman
Wayne and Linda Saker
John Segar and Cheryl Eppel
Christopher Souris and Shailah Stewart
Harold and Rita Sparrow
Ike and Sonja Spears ’82
John Travis and Susan Boulanger
Geoff and Ann Ventura
Charlie Welch and Stephanie Berk
Thomas and Liane Welch
Andy and Nina West

Class of 2013

Anonymous (2)

Scott and Kate Anderson
George Bachrach and Susan Centofanti
David Banta and Caroline Coggeshall
Dennis and Meryl Beckingham
Matt Brelis and Morgan Baker
Michael Carmen and Pamela Lederer
Laura Carroll
Jonathan Cherneff
Cristian Colon
Joe and Amy Cooper✮
Barbara Cronmiller and Lisa Damon
Tim Duncan
Debra Ellman
Thomas and Ann Fissler
Steven and Carolyn Flammey
Henry and Kari Francillon
Marc Freedgood
Mark and Nancy Goldberg
Andrew and Jessica Gosman
Steve Gousby and Deborah Collins Gousby
Amy Greene and Jennifer Polk
Larry and Victoria Hicks
Jerry and Jane Hughes
Erik and Susanne Jarnryd
Matthew and Marta Judson
Brian and Susan Kavoogian
Harold and Barbara Levkowicz
Alvaro Lima and Madeleine Taylor
Mary Loeken
Carleton Lorig and Yolonda Lorig
Steve and Laurel Lyle
Peter and Julie Mansfield
Roger ’79 and Catherine Manwaring ’80
Benjamin and Elyse Marsh
Graeme and Deborah Mills
Laurie Myrick
Philip Myrick
Jeff Nanfeldt and Ann Zacarian Nanfeldt
Aloysius and Ezinwa Nwankwo
Jeanette Poillon and Bonnie Brescia
David Polstein and Emily Stavis
Ned and Anne Pride
Marc Prufer and Cheryl Jallos Prufer
Christopher and Reyna Rosanna Quinn
Jonathan and Ingrid Raab
Peter and Hillary Rathjens
Stewart Rubenstein and Christina Parker
Ernest and Carol Sarason
Bruce and Kim Shapiro
Ralph Sheridan and Anne Steer
John Weigel and Linda Smith
Roger Spingarn and Susan Reuter
Jonathan Spring and Kate Brogan
Stephen Tankel and Rose Shapiro Tankel ’80
Tina Tedesco
Rick Weissbourd and Avery Rimer
Frank Wuest and Lyn Duncan

Class of 2014

Brooke and Alex Ablon
Scott and Susie Allen
Bobby and Kaajal Bakshi
Donna and Daniel Behr
Grant Bennet Alder and Ellen Harwood
Robert Berland and Carol Fine
Ralf Bernard and Ruth Juettermann Bernard
Stephen Brady and Jolan Laibson
Kathy Brucker
Robert and Susan Cassels
Jerry and Jennifer Chafkin
Peter Cudhea
George and Leigh Denny
Steve and Andrea Fein
Paul and Holly Ferreira
Mat and Patricia Franco
Marc Freedgood
Fred and Lynda Gordon
Paul Gray and Melissa Akopiantz Gray
Russ and Liz Hartman ’79
Brian and Robin Hicks
Peter and Nancy Hill
Sherman Hoyt and Tracy Van Hoven Hoyt
Gary Julian
Louise Julian
Tony and Rebekah LaCava
Sam Lambroza and Marybeth Burke
Andrew and Norma Lane
John and Whit Leffel
Andrew and Robin Mannion
Eric and Brooke Meltzer
Rory and Betsy Morton
John Nelson and Alexandra Harvey
Jonathan Pratt and Paula Goodrich
Jonathan Price
James and Mary Reed
Craig Rochester and Michelle Davis
Steve and Julie Schechter
David Silbersweig and Emily Stern
Demos and Sangita Skipitaris
Gordon Smith and Dianne Georgian Smith
Andy and Dana Snyder
Don and Jeannie Spellman
Tina Tedesco
Andrew and Barbara Wales
Denny and Kim Wright
Carl Zack and Andrea Cohen

Class of 2015

Anonymous (3)

Joseph Andrews and Clara Cabral
Michael and Laura Bailey
Lew Bednarczuk and Jeanine Cox
Jaime and Smadar Belkind Gerson
Carrie and George Bell
Erik and Debby Belt
Chris and Lisa Brown
Robert and Michelle Brown
Jim and Cathy Bucking
Vin and Kristin Cannistraro
Jen Carter
Peter and Nancy Caruso
Nassib and Maureen Chamoun
Chris and Annie Chan
Peter Chinetti and Jill Richardson
David and Stephanie D’Angelo
Dan and Lisa Davis
Nelson DeMoraes and Carla DeAntoni Moraes
Larry and Rose Derany
Michael and Reed Donahue
Steve and Abby Fisher
Tom and Marie Francis
Howard and Jacquelyn Furman
David and Robin Gomolin
Steve Gousby and Deborah Collins Gousby
Abraham and Barbara Gutman
Miki Herivaux
Mike Hirshland
Michelle Hutnik
Paro and Isabella Kacupaj
David and Angela Kenny
Pete Killelea and Winnie Greene
Sherry Levin
John LiBassi and Aileen Sovronsky
Mark and Bev Madden
Frederick Manigat and Carine Daniel Manigat
Rob Markstein and Monica Zangwill Markstein
Donald and Roxanne Mayer
Bob and Mary Ellen McDonald
Steadley McQueenie and Lisa Smith McQueenie
John and Judy Monaghan
Andres Morales and Heidi Pemberton
Aloysius and Ezinwa Nwankwo
Judson Parker and Helen Peters
Phil and Carolyn Perelmuter
Jonathan and Amy Poorvu
Roger and Elizabeth Randall
Seth and Stacey Robbins
David Rosenberg
Joan Rosenberg
Robert and Marlene Rotner
Shelly Roy
Michael and Ellen Sheetz
Rich Siegel and Beth Felder
Markus and Laura Stamm
Steven Steinberg and Nancy Olin
Dan Sullivan and Anne Melvin
Kevin Sullivan and Kristina Lukas
David and Lisa Walker
Chris and Laura Watt
David and JoAnn Winston
Paul Zigman and Doris Lowy
Jeff Zinsmeyer and Shanti Fry

Class of 2016

Anonymous (2)

Phil Bannatyne and Cara Feldberg
Lawrence and Benita Barbell
John ’83 and Beth Barton
Marc Cordaro and Leslie Zelamsky
Neil Dinkin and Karen D’Amato
Gian Luca and Angela Fiori†
Chris and Olivia Fox
Paul and Lisa Frost
Josh Glenn and Susan Roe
Bob and Mara Goldstein ’88
Mike Hill and Susan Bear
Chuck and Mimi Irving
Joe and Wendy Kahn
Josh and Carolyn Kraft
John Nelson and Alexandra Harvey
Mark Pelofsky and Kari Tannenbaum
Michael and Debra Pierce
Mark Pinis and Pamela Frorer
David and Qiana Rudek
Sumner and Robin Saitz
Nat and Gina Saltonstall
Jack and Alissa Sebastian
Chip Shore and Shari Lisann
Mike Stack
Bob and Paula Webster
Thomas and Liane Welch
Kim Zukerberg
Lawrence Zukerberg

Class of 2017

Nancy Adams
Nick Adams and Dee Silvers
Jean and Karline Aime
Mike Bassett and Sarah McCormick
Chris and Lisa Brown
Robert and Michelle Brown
Roger Caro and Astrid Muller
Kee Young Chung and Mikyoung Kim
Tom and Liz Coleman
Sal DiMino and Diane Baron
Gary Dobkin and Bonita Oehlke
Brian and Cathy Ferguson
Thomas and Jill French
Amy Greene and Jennifer Polk
Mary Beth Heffernan
Jonathan and Shelley Isaacson
Chris and Claudia Logan
Tim and Mimi Love
Roger ’79 and Catherine Manwaring ’80
Carrie McGurn
Donna McLaughlin
Felipe Risk and Luz Belliard
Mark Roberts
Glen Schaff and Sara Stock
Philip and Lesley Silberstein
Demos and Sangita Skipitaris
Andy and Dana Snyder
Dean Soultanian and Arlene Kasarjian
Adam Steinberg and Sheryl Kalis
Dan Szabo and Sharon Sabin
Victor Teixeira ’75 and Julia Li
Joshua and Maryanne Weiss
Nicole Williams
Michael Winton and June Ferestien
Bob Zakarian and Melissa Brooks

Class of 2018

Anonymous (1)

Jim and Cathy Bucking
Ben and Shannon Coes
Joel and Randi Cutler
Bob and Annie Gatewood
Bob and Mara Goldstein ’88
Gerson and Angela Gonzalez
Steven and Carol Kirson
Tony and Rebekah LaCava
Caroline Levine
Peter and Michelene McClennen
Cam and Paulina Neely
Aloysius and Ezinwa Nwankwo
Ruth Pamphile
Peter and Nancy Saperstone
Jeffrey and Brooke Siegal
Greg and Tracy Simko
Joel and Adeline Turner
Ajay Wakhloo and Veronica de Greiff