Anonymous (1)

Lester and Stephanie Adelman P’95
Bernard and Jean Alderman P’86
Matthew and Nancy Allen P’11
Walter and Shirley Amory ’41† P’68, ’66
Scott and Nancy Barcelo P’08
Mark and Wendy Barrow P’12
Michael Barza and Judy Robinson P’06
Chris and Caroline Block P’11
Sandy and Carolina Bloomberg P’06, ’03
Esther Bonnet P’64 Jeff Borenstein P’06, ’01
Jerome Brody and Anne d’Avenas P’06
Bradley and Andrea Buchbinder† P’09
Dan Calano and Kate Thompson P’05
Charles and Heather Campion P’09
P.K. Chan and Ann Wong P’08
Charlie Christopher and Holly Heslop† P’06
Dan and Karen Clarke ’63† P’92
Brian and Alison Clew P’09
John and Sue Clippinger P’06, ’02
Melvin and Marian Terry Clouse ’58† P’88
Jim Cohen and Amy Silberstein ’79 P’11
Linda Cohen P’09
Rick Cohn and Carol Kaplan P’07, ’03
Raymond and Sheryl Comenzo P’93, ’90
Peter and Deborah Willard Coogan† P’00
Allen and Catherine David† P’01
Chris and Alda Dede P’11
Bruce and Esther Dezube P’06
Anne Durgin P’94
Jim and Carol Dwyer ’54○ P’86, ’84, ’82, ’80
Romeyn Everdell and Mary Anderson† P’71 GP’09, ’06, ’02


Raul and Linnea Garcia P’09
Stephen and Esther Gordon P’92
Laura Gowen P’81, ’77
Janet McCreery Gregg ’55 P’88, ’85
Daniel ’77 and Barrie Guzovsky P’11, ’06, ’03
Signe Haas P’10
Julie Sampson Hagan ’69† P’97, ’00
Rick Harriman and Kristen Wainwright P’09
Anne Hartnett P’99
Michael and Ronni Hass P’08
William and Anne Hayward P’11
Mark and Susan Irvings† P’99
Frederic and Susan Jacobs P’99
Daniel and Elizabeth Jick† P’08, ’05
Peter and Lorna Johnson P’05
Douglas Katz and Kim Storey P’08
Jeffrey and Alison Kennedy P’05
Charles Kenney and Anne Detmer P’09
Matt Kiefer and Nan Porter P’08
Daniel and Beatrice Kleppner P’83, ’81, ’79
David and Anna Kozol P’09
Neil Kulick and Claire Laporte P’11
Bill Kuncik and Cheryl LaFleur† P’04
Barton Kunstler and Holly Pope P’1
Andrew and Norma Lane P’14, ’09
Bao Le and Thuy Bui† P’05, ’02
Andy and Hannah Lord ’72 P’97, ’01
Roger and Iris Louis P’03
Janet White MacLure ’47† P’71
Edward and Kaethe Maguire P’93
Tom and Mary Manning P’09, ’06, ’05
David and Jane Manwaring P’84, ’79 GP’17, ’13
John and Jean McKinney ’61 P’90, ’88
Bruce Meltzer and Nancy Cooper P’09
Jonathan and Jane Metcalf P’09
Sonia Berlin Michelson ’55 P’81
Jim and Wendy Mnookin† P’97
Ernest and Betty Monrad ’49† P’72
James and Janice Monsma† P’85
Timothy and Deborah Moore P’10
Frank and Nina Morse ’61 P’87
Said and Ashley Nazemi P’13
Laura Nemeyer P’11
Joseph and Joan Nevins P’08, ’06, ’03


Ilona O’Connor† P’07
Andrew and Suzanne Offit P’09
Jackie O’Neill P’05
Bill O’Reilly and Liz Ross† P’09
Rick and Lisa Patten ’82 P’09
Markus Penzel and Catherine Corman P’11
Malcom Peyton and Barbara Winchester† P’98
Doug and Randi Pleskow P’10, ’07, ’04
Barry and Cathy Reed ’70† P’06, ’03
David and Yoonhee Rhee P’11
Bob and Stepheny Riemer ’65 P’90, ’88 GP’18, ’16
Eli Romao Barbosa and Ricarda Lima Romao P’11
David Rosenberg P’15, ’09, ’07
Joan Rosenberg P’15, ’09, ’07
Tom Sadtler and Jane Wells P’07
Carol Saivetz† P’97, ’93
James and Mary Scorzelli P’99
Susan Peebles Secunda ’61 P’03
Dick and Virginia Seegel ’56 P’79 GP’14
Keith and Arleen Seidman P’07, ’04
Sharon Shane P’07
Vivian Shoolman P’77, ’75
Peter ’74 and Gail Silberstein P’06
Estelle Silverman P’86
Phillip and Zelda Smith P’86, ’80
Zack and Andrea Spigelman ’76† P’08, ’05, ’03
Venkat and Pratima Srinivasan P’11
Francis and Regina Tate P’02
Arthur Telegen and Abigail Ostow P’08
David Tobias and Liz Micheels† P’09
Michael Tolley and Lynne Austin‑Tolley P’10
Dick and Lisa Tucker† P’10, ’08
William and Karin Tuttle P’07
Edward and Margo Wallack†○ P’07, ’05
James and Barbara Waterhouse P’05
Gordon and Kathy Weil† P’99
David and Andrea Weltman P’82, ’78, ‘7
Dick Williams and Jeanne Segal P’04
Tom Wilmot and Diana Lyman P’08
Michael Winter and Deb Goldberg P’11, ’09
Karen Wood P’10, ’08, ’06
Karen Wyon P’98
Errol and Marlene Yudelman P’10