The Mabel Warren Bradley Society, named in honor of the school’s first Board President, recognizes leadership giving to the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund sustains the essential elements of a Beaver education envisioned by the school’s founders and is the first priority of fundraising at Beaver. The MWB Society recognizes the special circle of annual donors whose generosity reflects the spirit, visions and leadership of Beaver’s founders.

All MWB Society members are invited to a special reception in the spring.

Bradley Circle

(Gifts of $100,000 and above)

Nick Adams and Dee Silvers P’17

Founders’ Circle

(Gifts between $50,000 and $99,999)

Michael and Lisa Bronner P’12

Smith Circle

(Gifts between $25,000 and $49,999)

Carrie and George Bell P’15
Bruce Berkowitz ’76
Michael Carmen and Pamela Lederer P’13
Jerry and Jennifer Chafkin P’14, ’12
Jeannie Fourel Cooperman ’47✮
Joel and Randi Cutler P’18
David and Nina Fialkow P’12
David and Angela Kenny P’15
Caroline Levine P’18
Mark Roberts P’17
David and Gail Schechter P’12
Tony and Beth Terrana P’16

Rogers Circle

(Gifts between $10,000 and $24,999)

Anonymous (2)

Dorothy Melcher Sneath Scholarship Foundation✮
Sandy and Carolina Bloomberg P’06, ’03
Thomas and Ann Fissler P’13, ’06
David Fubini and Bertha Rivera P’18, ’15, ’10
Jeffrey and Molly Goodman P’12
Erik and Susanne Jarnryd P’13
Tony and Rebekah LaCava P’19, ’18, ’14
Mark and Devon Laycox P’12
Andrew and Suzanne Offit P’09
Steve and Leigh Oler P’13
Bill O’Reilly and Liz Ross✮ P’09
Jonathan and Amy Poorvu P’15
Bob and Stepheny Riemer ’65 P’90, ’88 GP’18, ’16
David Rosenberg P’15, ’09, ’07
Margarita Rudyak✮ P’14
Wayne and Linda Saker P’12
Peter and Nancy Saperstone P’18
Jack and Alissa Sebastian P’16

Cupola Circle

(Gifts between $5,000 and $9,999)

Anonymous (1)

Nancy Adams P’17
Scott and Kate Anderson P’13
Dennis and Meryl Beckingham P’13, ’08
Jim and Cathy Bucking P’18, ’15
Charles and Heather Campion P’09
Robert and Amy Carp P’12
Daphne Prout Cook ’61
Ted Cutler GP’18
David and Stephanie D’Angelo P’15
Brian and Cathy Ferguson P’17
Gian Luca and Angela Fiori✮ P’16, ’12, ’08
Mark and Maura Flaherty P’13
Faye Florence ’74
Thomas and Jill French P’17, ’11
Donna Garber GP’13
Abraham and Barbara Gutman P’15, ’11
Chuck and Mimi Irving P’16
Ziona Kaplan Webber GP’07, ’03
Brian and Susan Kavoogian P’13
Chuck and Bobi Lelon P’12
Mary Loeken P’13, ’11
Paul and Lisa Magidson P’16
Donald and Roxanne Mayer P’15, ’10
Phoebe Trainer Meehan ’47✮
John Nelson and Alexandra Harvey P’16, ’14
Judson Parker and Helen Peters P’15
Roger and Elizabeth Randall P’15
Chris and Jocelyn Randles P’12
Fred and Gilda Slifka GP’14
Thomas and Liane Welch P’16, ’12
David and JoAnn Winston P’15
Michael Winter and Deb Goldberg P’11, ’09
Jeff Zinsmeyer and Shanti Fry P’15

Mente et Manu Circle

(Gifts between $2,500 and $4,999)

Anonymous (4)

Judy Parks Anderson ’57✮●
Gary Ardell and Lauren Glader P’13
Nancy Tucker Barnes ’62
Lew Bednarczuk and Jeanine Cox P’15
Grant Bennet Alder and Ellen Harwood P’14
John and Gail Brooks P’12
Bradley and Andrea Buchbinder✮ P’09
Rick Cohn and Carol Kaplan P’07, ’03
Tom and Liz Coleman P’17
Joe and Amy Cooper✮ P’13, ’09
George and Leigh Denny P’14
Jim and Mary Jane Devins P’16, ’12
Joanna Prudden Drummond ’62
Eva Reissner Ewing ’62
David ’80 and Jody Flashner P’12, ’10
Paul and Laurie Gershkowitz P’12
David and Robin Gomolin P’15
Paul Gray and Melissa Akopiantz Gray P’14
The Grosel Family P’12
Paul and Francine Healey P’12
Brian and Robin Hicks P’14, ’10
Larry and Victoria Hicks P’13
Mike Hill and Susan Bear P’16
Gail Housen ’62
Mary Ann Howkins ’72
Daniel and Elizabeth Jick✮ P’08, ’05
Florence Forbes Locke ’37✮
Carleton Lorig and Yolonda Lorig P’16, ’13
Steve and Laurel Lyle P’13
Grace Calfee McMullen ’62✮
Jim and Wendy Mnookin✮ P’97
Nancy Moore ’41✮●
Timothy and Deborah Moore P’10
Lynn Palmiter ’62
Rick and Lisa Patten ’82 P’09
Phil and Carolyn Perelmuter P’15
David Polstein and Emily Stavis P’13, ’10
David and Yoonhee Rhee P’11
Joan Rosenberg P’15, ’09, ’07
Shelly Roy P’15
Sylvia Thorndike Sheriff ’62
Rich Siegel and Beth Felder P’15
Ike and Sonja Spears ’82 P’12, ’10
Venkat and Pratima Srinivasan P’11
Mike Stack P’16
Edward and Nancy Stavis GP’13, ’10
Kitty Ray Sturgis ’58✮
Dan Sullivan and Anne Melvin P’15
Charlie Welch and Stephanie Berk P’12
Andy and Nina West P’12

The 1920 Circle

(Gifts between $1,920 and $2,499)

Brooke and Alex Ablon P’14
Walter and Shirley Amory ’41✮ P’68, ’66
George Bachrach and Susan Centofanti P’13, ’11
Roger Caro and Astrid Muller P’17
Judith Tyler Davis ’48✮
Mitch Dynan and Faith Michaels ’76 P’12
Steve Edson and Jackie Rivollier P’12
Dorothy Faden Ellis ’43
Henry Feldman ’85 P’15
Laurie Goldberger ’69✮
Bob and Mara Goldstein ’88 P’18, ’16
Jonathan and Shelley Isaacson P’17
Michael and Debra Jaff P’12
Joe and Wendy Kahn P’16
Liz Kaplan
Sam Lambroza and Marybeth Burke P’14
John and Whit Leffel P’14
Chris and Claudia Logan P’17, ’12
Marianna Marshall Long ’62
Susan Lyne ’68
Eric and Brooke Meltzer P’14, ’11
Sibby Thorndike Pope ’62
Christopher and Reyna Rosanna Quinn P’13
Stewart Rubenstein and Christina Parker P’13
Chip Shore and Shari Lisann P’16
Markus and Laura Stamm P’15
Luis Vidal and Jennifer Slifka P’14
David and Lisa Walker P’15
Gordon and Kathy Weil✮ P’99
Joshua and Maryanne Weiss P’17
Rhoda Stetson Whittemore ’62
Paul Zigman and Doris Lowy P’15
Lawrence and Kim Zukerberg P’16

Century Circle

(Gifts over $25 from alumni who have graduated within the past ten years)

Level III ($1,000+)

Anonymous (1)

Drew Comenzo ’03
Jared Franklin ’02
Jamie Golden ’02

Level II ($100 – $999)

Phoebe Allen ’11
Josh Bloomberg ’03
Ira Citron ’03
Alec Dede ’11
Brett Duboff ’10
Dani Levy ’07
Kayla Masterman ’10
Chris Quinn ’09
Jami Karger Smith ’02
Daniel Tepper ’02
Michael Toledano ’04
William Van Dyke ’02
Evan Winter ’09
Meri Winter ’11

Level I ($25 – $99)

Ronny Bachrach ’02
Holly Battelle ’04
Marie Annett Bernard ’11
Shane Bourque ’10
Farrar Cooper ’07
Kevin Forgett ’02
Hannah Furr ’07
Logan Furr ’09
JoJo Gutfarb ’07
Mollie Jo Holman ’06
Kelly Kretschmar ’08
Lindsay Sommer Merowitz ’02
Sarah Mink ’08
Henry Moorhead ’10
Scott Parker ’02
Taylor Pierce ’11
Amanda Shane ’07
Abby Sharaf ’08
Courtney Wallack ’07
Zach Wallack ’05
Morgan Warners ’04
David Weintraub ’06