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Student Videos Showcase Science Wing

As an introduction to Beaver’s renovated science wing, science students took part in the Sci-Studio Movie Challenge. They were tasked with creating a 30 to 60 second promotional video that introduced the new facility and presented a new vision for science education.

Students we asked to think about the following questions as they produced their video:

  • Why is science an important part of education for the 21st Century?
  • What is your idea for an engaging and challenging science class?
  • What is the connection between the new science facility and where science is going as a discipline?
  • How can Beaver use the new science facility to redesign your science education?

Videos were submitted at the end of September and the winners announced at Tuesday Forum on November 1. Here are the top two videos:

#1 – Juniors Nolan Flaherty, Rebecca Levkowicz, Sarah Dinaburg, Lily Pierce

#2 – Seniors Nora Demick, Trevor Hoffman, Diego Fiori, Emily Wertkin


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