We Touched the Cup!

We are so excited at Beaver to have the honor of being a stopping point on The Stanley Cup tour.

Head of School Peter Hutton called a special assembly Wednesday morning to spring this huge surprise on Beaver students .

The scene leading up to the assembly was similar to that of a foreign dignitary visiting campus. The Cup arrived at the side gate in a black SUV escorted by a stoic white-gloved handler and met by a small group of Beaver staff  who were instrumental in sneaking it into the building onto the stage in Bradley Hall.

Students cheered as the Bruins highlight reel played. Just as they thought the assembly was wrapping up, they heard the familiar goal horn, the curtains drew back, and out walked Cam Neely himself holding the Cup high over his head. After hysteria died down they were treated to a few comments from Mr. Neely talking about the importance and value of teamwork and hard work clearly illustrating the payoff. The Cup was then lead by seniors on a short parade from Bradley Hall into the athletic center where a Bruins themed lunch awaited them, and of course, they all Touched the Cup.

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