Students Start School With Orientation Trips

8th graders participate in an activity as part of their orientation trip.

The first week of school can be a bundle of nerves for students and teachers. New classes, new room locations, and, for some, an entirely new school can be a little daunting. That’s why, at the end of the first week, the Beaver community heads out on grade-level orientation trips. The trips are a way for students and teachers to build community and develop team-building skills. Of course, they’re a lot of fun too.

This year each grade set out for a different location — some on overnight trips and some on day trips.

Class of 2013 at GBFB
A group of juniors volunteered at the Greater Boston Food Bank

The eleventh grade, for example, spent a morning engaged in service activities in the Boston area. Students could choose to volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank, pick up trash while hiking the Blue Hills, or clean up the Charles River while canoeing. The group of 30 students and teachers that chose to help out at the food bank sorted 6,084 lbs. of food (148 lbs. per volunteer) and made possible 3,762 meals (114 per volunteer).

Other orientation activities included:

  • 6th Grade: Traveled to Camp Takodah in Richmond, NH for an overnight stay.
  • 7th Grade: Overnighted at Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA Outdoor Center in Becket, MA.
  • 8th Grade: Spent two days at the Hulbert Outdoor Center in Fairlee, VT.
  • 9th Grade: Traveled to Cape Cod for an overnight trip at Camp Wingate-Kirkland.
  • 10th Grade: Participated in a day trip to Amesbury Sports Park and Mudslay State Park.
  • 11th Grade: Spent a morning at a choice of service projects around Boston and spent an afternoon on a photo scavenger hunt near Boston Common.
  • 12th Grade: Traveled to Camp Brookwoods in Alton, NH for an overnight trip.

Top Photo: 8th grade students participate in an activity during their orientation trip.

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