Cam Mayer '15

Mayer ’15 Wins NH Open Fencing Tournament

Beaver freshman Cam Mayer took first place in the foil event at the New Hampshire Open Fencing Tournament at the Concord (NH) Fencing Club on Saturday, September 24.

The foil event, open to all fencers over the age of 13, featured 16 fencers, of which six were class C, six were class D (including Cam), two were class E, and two were unrated. Cam was the second youngest fencer in the event.

After finishing the pool bouts with a record of 3-1, Cam entered the elimination rounds ranked 5th out of the 16 fencers. Three of the four fencers above him were college students and members of the University of New Hampshire fencing team.

In the elimination round, Cam won his first two bouts 15-4 and 15-0. His third bout (semi-final) was against the #1 seed, but he fought hard and won 15-12. In the finals he dominated the fencer to whom he lost in the pools, winning 15-6. As a result of winning the tournament, Cam earned his C rating.

In October, Cam will travel to Richmond, VA to compete in a large national tournament, and in the winter, he will be back on the piste at Beaver as part of Beaver’s fencing team.

Photo: Cam Mayer ’15

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