TEDx and The Importance of Being Awesome

Fresh from a few days off, I return resolving to be a more frequent blogger. I’ll start with talking about my recent experience at TEDx Boston where I took in the day long conference from the Google offices in Kendall Square. There was a great line up of speakers; if you haven’t been to an event like this I highly recommend it. In particular, I am excited about Christina Xu. She is head of the Awesome Foundation in Boston, which gives $1,000 grants to support awesome ideas. Period. That’s it.

Great Beaver connection: Christina mentioned Foundation grant winner, Jeffrey Warren. Jeffrey ran the first NuVu studio, Balloon Mapping, in our NuVu pilot in Spring, 2010. That studio generated a great deal of excitement on campus sparked lots of interest in NuVu.

So here’s what I am thinking … Beaver students should apply for Awesome Foundation grants. They are producing exciting work at NuVu, in our art studios, in our science spaces and more …and they will be doing innovative projects in our new Adventurers Workshop. Let’s see what happens. Should be awesome.

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